Friday, October 13, 2006

Grey's Freaking Anatomy

First off, I just want to say that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE should have their own Stoned!Meredith. She's sweet and fun, lovable and kinda giggly. I feel so bad for her, though. She chose Derek, but now he's walked away from her. Why would you take advice from the Chief? He's a freaking recovering alcoholic who's living in a hotel, because his wife won't let him sleep at their home anymore. Maybe not the one to be listening to.

I'd like to make an official announcement: Dr. Eric Sloan and I have ended our relationship, and not amicably. It was a dirty, nasty fight when I found out what a pompous slug he is. It's bad enough that he hit on Callie (And she hit back! EWWWWW!), but no one talks to Alex Karev like that in front of me. It's over. How was this person ever McDreamy's best friend? What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks did Addison ever see in him? (McSteaminess notwithstanding.)

Also, Callie? Come here. Let me slap you in the head. As one big girl to another, I totally think I could take you. How dare you pull that junior high school "It's always Meredith and Izzie" crap out on George just because you're pissed that he won't let you live in his house after you've dated him, like for a month. Get over yourself. Those girls are his family, and Izzie needed him. Also? I think being told to scrub in on an appendectomy by your resident is a WEE more important than having the "what am I to you" discussion. I mean, it is your career and all. You're already an attending, and he's still an intern, so lay off, K?

I wanted to circle Christina and Burke in my arms last night and give them both a big old hug for being the only sane, healthy relationship on this show. Wouldn't y'all love to see crazy Bridezilla Christina? Or better yet--Crazy Mother-of-the Bridezilla Mrs. Yang? Oh, that would be so awesome.

And for my obligatory crying moment--we have sweet little Izzie hearing Denny's voice for the last time. Bless her little heart--I just wanted to hold her, you know? Especially when I found out that she's now like, almost a billionaire and stuff. Come cry on my shoulder, sweet pea. We'll go shoe shopping together.

Any other thoughts?


misty said...

Hey my phone rang a couple of times when the show was on last night, I did hear the phone call message of Denny's but I missed the part that your talking about almost a billionare??? I heard some of Izzie's conversation w/Denny's dad but not all of it. And what ended up being wrong w/Millison when she was so sick??

josiegirl77 said...

Meredith had appendicitis, so that's why she was throwing up and stuff.

Also, while Izzie was listening to the phone message from Denny, George opened an envelope and saw that Denny had left her $8,700,000.

So, I say--let's shop our grief away!

misty said...

OH MY GOD, I WAS WONDERING because Jeffrey had walked in the room and said what is that ck for and I didn't see it so I didn't know?? So how did they get the ck?

josiegirl77 said...

I didn't see that part, either, so I'm guessing that Denny's dad gave it to her, at Denny's request. I don't know if it was said.