Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We Can Be Heroes!

Ok, so. I was cleaning the bedroom while watching this episode, so I may have missed a few things, and will probably have to employ the NBC rewind and rewatch the episode. Also? I may have to rewatch them ALL and start recapping. That's how much I love this show.

First off, and really needs to be said--Claire? EWWWWWWW. I totally got sick at the end. I literally had to avert my eyes to keep from gagging. But now it raises a question--does everyone think that Claire is dead? And if so, does that make her a loose cannon now? 'Cause I so want her to get her revenge on date-rape boy. Too bad she doesn't have super strength so she can snap him in half. Additionally, I guess this solidifies Claire's invincibility. If she's truly indestructible, literally nothing nor no one (not even Sylar?) can stop her, and this will be a true test to her character. Will she go all emo on us like Peter whats-his-name-I-was-Jess-on-Gilmore-Girls-now-I'm-a-depressed-hospice-worker and mope around because she was all popular and now no one knows that she's alive? Or will she freaking lose it and go completely bad?

So the cop played by Grey Grunberg not only has work issues, his marriage is falling apart. Bless his heart--don't you just want to hug him? And who else thought that Sylar was going to totally make the FBI chick that was in "The Faculty" kill herself? He is one evolved supervillan. I wonder if the little girl that he was trying to kidnap has special powers, too, and Sylar's going to try to hunt them all down?

Niki the cyber-stripper's storyline is very confusing to me, and I just want someone to freaking explain to me how an image in a mirror can commit murder, then clean your garage like nothing happen, and conveniently rent you a snappy red convertible with the bloody corpses in the truck. *shakes head, racks brain*

I kind of want to choke the pretty girl with the artist boyfriend. Of course, I know that he's psychic, and she doesn't, but still. You can't deny that he's got amazing talent, and if you really love him, why aren't you supporting him? (Not his heroin habit, freak shows!) Also? How do you just stare blankly at even-more-emo-than-he-was-as-Jess-on-Gilmore-Girls when he professes his love for you? You don't love him? Tell him. You want him right there on the dinner table? Tell him. Don't just go all "Young and The Restless" on me and stare at him, waiting for the commercial break! ARGH!

So I saved the best for last. Hiro, who is totally MY hero, is the super-awesomest character on this show. He's funny, a good friend, and just as geeky as me (OK, without the Star Trek references), PLUS he saves little girls from runaway trash trucks! What's not to love?

The only thing that bothers me about this show is that everyone is so super-freaking hot. Is that another genetic anomaly? Not only do we have superpowers, we're all impossibly good-looking, too? The closest thing they have to 'not-hot' are the cops, and chick FBI agent from "The Faculty" is like a Goth Princess, so you know she's got big love out there from all the comic book geeks. And Greg Grunberg (psychic cop) is like a big teddy bear.

Thoughts, comments?


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