Tuesday, October 24, 2006


So who's watching Heroes? We had another great installment last night, and the plot keeps getting thicker and thicker. Anyone want to speculate on "Save the cheerleader, Save the world?" Obviously, I'm getting some major Buffy vibes from all of this, but I won't subject you to any of it.

Mind-reading cop Matt Parker had my knees quivering, because honestly, who doesn't want a husband who can anticipate your every need and want? I felt really bad for him, though, in the convenience store when he was so brave and heroic and then suddenly he's getting the brain freeze and everyone starts turning on him.

Help me out here--who's playing Stripper Niki's husband? Where have I seen him before? It really bugged me last night? And what's up with Micah? That kid's beginning to creep me out, big time. Also, I'm kind of becoming a Niki/Nathan 'shipper. They have kind of a nice chemistry together, don't they? However, the more I see her on screen, the more questions I have. Niki's storyline is the only one that does that.

Did we see Simone last night? I don't think we did, which makes me happy, cause I kind of don't like her. I'm really feeling bad for Isaac, cause he's going through all kinds of withdrawals and it also looks like his electricity has been turned off. Not cool in New York, man. It gets cold up there. I originally tuned into this show for Milo Vente-something--you know, Jess from Gilmore Girls. But he kinda went extra emo on me last night, and the last bit with his eyes glazing over and finishing Isaac's painting was really dumb. Well, maybe not dumb, but badly acted.

I know Claire's dad is the bad guy and all, but how super awesome was he for taking care of business with Brody last night? Just like any good Southern Daddy worth his salt. Except, my redneck Daddy wouldn't have just had Brody's memories cleared out. My Daddy would have literally cleaned him out, much like gutting and scaling a fish. And you people wonder why I'm such high-maintenance. Hasn't it been clear all this time that I'm Daddy's Southern Princess? Ha, ha!

And lastly, our favorite buddy-couple Hiro and Ando have their first real fight. Didn't you just want to hug Hiro when he realized he couldn't drive the Nissan Versa? And isn't a Nissan a Japanese car? Maybe Hiro can't drive at all. Hiro was especially precious when he met Nathan and saw that he could fly.

What are your thoughts?



tiffany v said...

I am so loving this show. I hate these "To Be Continued" shows, I wanna know whats gonna happen so bad! Not sure whats going on with the Cheerleader but i surely would love to know what you think about it?

I want to know what they did to Parker when they "hollowed" or "drained" him. Cause now, its like he has no control over it, well not like before. He should have known not to pick the gun up.

Maybe Micah has some kinda power that no one knows about yet. I doubt it, but you never know. Kids are weird in shows sometimes. Niki's character is definitely the most confusing. Seriously, think about it. What exactly is her power? That she's freakishly strong when you make her mad?

I'm also glad that we didnt see Simone last night. I dont like her. She seems very selfish and whorish to me, lol. Which brings me to another question. Whats up with all the nasty looking "side-story" women. Simone, Parker's wife, female FBI agent? I dont get it. Anyways, I like Isaac and I hope he realizes very soon that he dont need to be high to paint the visions. He'd save a ton of money.

Now, on to good ol' Peter! I believe his power is to absorb everyone's hottness and he uses it for himself, if that makes sense, lol. I think he will be very helpful once they all come together but Dear Lord, get him away from Simone!

I so do not like Claire's dad. He creeps me out with his weird stares and his nasty glasses. Who wears those, seriously? I thought he was gonna kill Brody but whatever works for him, LOL!

HIRO!!! I love this guy! The present day Hiro...Hiro from the future...whats not to love. He is so cool. I love when he was in the subway car with Peter and was telling him about how he always wondering about some things, and he told him this was his chance. I love it. I wonder how often, Hiro from the future will pop up during the run of this show. He intrigues me! If I could have the "gifts" of any of them, it would definitely be his.

Which brings me to a question,
Which would you want to be?

josiegirl77 said...

That is an excellent question. If I were able to choose which of the Heroes' powers for my own, it would have to be our friend Hiro, though I might like to find a way to stop time without looking so constipated.

Here's my theory on why Hiro chose Peter to give him the "Save the cheerleader" prophecy. Peter's power is that he's emo right? He can "feel their pain", absorb their power. What if Claire the indestructible cheerleader and Peter emo-boy teamed up? That's two indestructible forces against Sylar. Plus, say one of them is impaled, the other will know to remove the obstructing object so the impaled can heal. Kinda hard to kill someone who can spontaneously regenerate.