Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I've been feeling very unfocused lately, blog-wise. What am I supposed to be writing about? I use Facebook to post our family pictures now. As much as I will always love Idol, and love talking about Idol with y'all, I don't have any desire to blog about it anymore. I've become too biased and to be honest, I'm completely out of touch with most modern music. Yeah, I like Adele, but I only get like two months a year where I listen to music that isn't directly related to Children's Choir, so I'm not the best judge on what is and isn't good anymore.

The one thing I do keep up with though, is television.

1. Ugly Betty--I told my kids at choir practice Thursday night that I needed to go home and watch it, and none of them but Cathryn had heard of this show! I guess that makes sense. I told them that it was the best thing on television since Buffy, but they didn't know who she was, either. I sighed dramatically and went on with practice. The season finale was both incredible and heartbreaking. There are people in this world *cough*RICHIE*cough who believe that Daniel and Betty should be together, but I could not disagree more. Daniel was such a player for such a long time, and now he needs a partner in crime, not someone like Betty who mothers him. Besides, who isn't thrilled that Betty has a super-loaded geek who practically worships the ground she walks on for a boyfriend? Take that, Henry! I am such a big fan of the Molly/Daniel relationship, so seeing them get hitched this past Thursday thrilled my very soul, but then the final minutes of them show broke my heart in a very Joss Whedon-y way. GAH! Now I have to wait until FALL! At least it got renewed.

2. Glee-- Could there be a more perfect show for me to watch? From the first time I saw the promos on television, I knew there was no way I could miss this show. For those of you who have been under a rock, i.e., those who do not watch American Idol, Glee is a musical comedy about a high school Spanish teacher who takes over the Glee Club. It's not like other musicals, though--kids don't randomly burst into song (not that I'd have any problem with that)--the music takes place only on the stage where the kids rehearse and perform. The only drawback for me? Fox is giving us a sneak peak episode tonight, and then is making us wait ALL SUMMER for the fall premier.

Oh, wow. I just realized that everything I love to watch is gone for the summer.



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