Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Main Idea

Three years out of four in high school, I had the same English teacher. Mrs. Haselden taught me lots of things, but if there's one thing that sticks out in my mind, it's that every piece of writing needs a main idea; a theme.

I've become increasingly aware that my blog lacks focus. I've just kind of been blogging willy-nilly, and when the mood strikes me. At one time, this blog had a very clear focus--Josie is obsessed with television. I was obsessed with television because I was unhappy with my station in life. Thankfully, God thumped me in the head and let me see that I actually have a great life, so now I merely enjoy television, instead of being sucked inside it. Although, sometimes I do wish I was a character on Ugly Betty.

So now what? I still find myself obsessing, only about things more close to home than the latest television shows--worrying whether I'm a good wife and mother; children's choir; whether or not I'll ever learn to read music; learning to sew; losing weight. And I know that these are all things that I've been posting about, but it seems to me that though all of these things are very dear to my heart, they lack a common thread that links them all together.

I read a lot of blogs--my links list is merely the tip of the iceberg; the blogs I read everyday. The actual list is much, much longer. I've come to realize that there are two types of blogs: personal journals and informative or instructional pages. I'm beginning to realize that "So Obsessed" has become the former--a personal journal, detailing the days of our lives for y'all.

So...long story short, I'm thinking of new things to post. Don't be surprised if things look a little different next time you check back. Nothing major.


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