Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cupcake Betty's

I love watching Ace of Cakes on Food Network. As someone who is not talented within the culinary arts, I find their skill fascinating. Their office dynamic is pretty awesome, too--they're constantly snarking on one another and busting each other's chops, laughing the whole time. It's obvious that they all really like working at Charm City Cakes, and with each other. If my sister and I ran a bakery, that's what it would be like.

Because of my Ace of Cakes obsession (because y'all know that I can't just like something), I decided that I wanted a specialty cake for my birthday. Richie was kind of nervous at first, because specialty cakes can't be cheap--it's not like picking up a cake from Wal-Mart, you know? But I told him not to worry--I'd do the research and I'd find a baker at a reasonable price.

Of course, I discuss everything with my sister, and she told me that Mrs. Ray, the lady that always baked our birthday cakes as children, had a granddaughter that baked as well, and she sent me the link to her cake photo album. Lo and behold, it's my friend Paula! I totally, totally forgot that she was Mrs. Ray's grandchild. And of course, taught Paula everything she knew about cake baking!

Let me tell y'all--these cakes are gorgeous. So gorgeous that I encouraged her to set up a blog so she can tell us the stories behind her cakes! Be sure to check Cupcake Betty's everyday--you never know when you might see a cake you like!

As for me and my house--we've found our cake baker.


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The DAVIS Kids said...

I love that show also. Did you see where they made an ear cake? I can't believe all the different cakes they make.