Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

This weekend was incredibly productive, but also incredibly tiring. So much, in fact, that I almost feel like the weekend has just swept by me!

Saturday brought us dress rehearsal. I don't know what to say except I came home with a migraine, and Leslie had to tell me the kids were just riled up because it was the first dress rehearsal, and things will be much better on Tuesday, and even better on Wednesday when parents are in the audience.

After dress rehearsal, I went over to Mildred's house--Richie's grandmother. She's gotten a new phone and I went to program it for her. It didn't take me very long, but Cathryn and I stayed for a while, socializing. Mildred is such an interesting lady--she has that great Charleston accent, and I always think that she came from the pages of a book, where they sip mint juleps and watch polo matches.

Richie and I also went grocery shopping with Cathryn, which is usually an adventure in "Please, can I have it?", but this time she was really, really good. We also found my sugar-free popsicles, but of course, I would have much preferred the Pepperidge Farm Sausalito cookies that Richie chose for himself. Ah, well, my time is coming, and soon I will indulge myself with whole-wheat toast and whole-grain pasta.

Sunday was another productive day. We didn't go to morning service, but I did make breakfast for Richie, Trey, and Cathryn (blueberry pancakes from Boone Hill Farms), and also cleared out all those bags of clothes lying around in our bedroom as well as cleaned Richie's side of the closet. I finally feel ready for summer, and won't feel guilty about going to Pirateland!

I did, however, make it to Sunday night service, and I'm really glad that I did.


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The Shumards said...

See I told YOU!!! Practice tonight was much, much better!!!