Thursday, April 17, 2008

Second Blocking Practice

All semester, I've been worried about the spring musical. Wednesday night practices just seemed fruitless, like none of the kids were 'getting it'. But it's amazing what seeing it on stage, all put together, will do for your perspective.

On Sunday, and this past Wednesday, I was blown away. Well, Sunday, we practiced in the sanctuary, and I was worried about the music, choreography, and the Blue Team's scenes, but blown away by the Red Team's scenes. Wednesday, we practiced in the gym, and I was blown away by the music and choreography, but still worried about the Blue Team's scenes.

What really excited me was seeing the boys participate and get excited about their parts. We have a character who is not in all of the scenes, and not required to sing with the other choir members, but she wanted to anyway, "just to get some practice". I thought I would burst. We had the kids from 6-7:20 last night, so we were able to get through the entire play except for the last two songs and the scene between them. Overall, a very successful night!

Tattling has been a BIG issue with our choir, so while Leslie was cleaning the church kitchen, I implemented the Tattle Jar. First, I explained that there's a difference between being helpful and tattling. For instance, if someone is doing something that might get them or another injured, tell me or Leslie. However, if that is not the case, it's just tattling, because Leslie and I can see everything that's happening in the classroom. So, each time someone tattles, they pay me or Leslie a penny. I'm thinking that each year, we'll donated the proceeds from the Tattle Jar to the VBS fund, Annie Armstrong, or something else worthy.



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The DAVIS Kids said...

Thanks for explaining the Tattle Jar. Savannah tried to tell me about it.