Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Weekend

We went to Pirateland this weekend. As usual, getting ready for it was incredibly busy and hectic, because I was packing things that we could leave at the beach for the summer until midnight on Thursday. And of course, being the worrier I am, I always anticipate the worst things happening, and never allow myself to relax on Friday until we actually get there. But, we finally did get there on Friday night, and I was able to relax. We all went to dinner and then Richie took me and Cathryn on a golf cart ride around the campground.

Saturday, before Cathy and I did some shopping, I learned a few things:
1. My hair looks awful when shampooing with shampoo samples from hotels.
2. Bring small container of my own shampoo from home.
3. Travel hairdryers have NO power.
4. bring my own ionic tourmaline hairdryer from home.

Richie, however, was quite industrious and went to the beach with Richard and Cathryn.
Sunday morning, Richie's escapade with the camera continued:

Sarah--Richard and Cathy's Lab.

Ashe--our insane animal.

Cathy and Cathryn. By the way, she's just decided that she'd like to learn how to fish.

This is Richard telling Richie not to take a picture of him.

That's right, folks--I'm cute even when I first wake up. Burn with jealousy, people--no makeup.

The rest of Sunday wasn't so great because play rehearsal did not go well. Remember Miss Geist from Clueless? That poor, unfortunate soul who loved teaching, but her students could care less? That's how I felt on Sunday, minus the poor fashion sense. I really, really needed a Cher Horowitz on Sunday.

Ah, well. Monday is another day.



Grogal said...

See Please Here

The Shumards said...

I love all the pics!! Yall always have so much fun!! I am sorry practice did not go well. At least we get a break on Wednesday!!

The DAVIS Kids said...

Great post. Let me know if I can help with my 3 if they are not participating as well as you like.

Josie Thames said...

Leslie--thank you so much! We do try to have fun where we go! And you know, sometimes practices just don't go well. It really could have been worse!

Lynn--honestly, I never have a problem with your kids. They're always ready to help out.