Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Setting Summer Goals

Much to my surprise, I found out there are only like 45 days until school is out (that's counting weekends). With that in mind, I began to think of some things I'd like to accomplish this summer.

1. Spending quality time with my family. Since we usually spend the summer weekends at Pirateland, I feel like this can be accomplished quite easily. I'm really looking forward to shopping for a new swimsuit, reading by the pool, taking golf cart rides with Richie, and maybe actually getting to challenge Cathryn to that game of mini-golf I'd been promising.

2. Being a successful VBS music leader. Much like being the children's choir director, this is my first time taking a leadership role where I've usually been the assistant. The theme this year is "Son Harvest", and is county fair themed, so I'm thinking overalls, a t-shirt, and maybe a hat. VBS is always so much fun, and though it will take some preparation on my part, I'm looking forward to creating a relaxing environment where the kids can have fun while learning their songs.

3. Begin looking at Christmas musicals. Actually, I may have already found one, but I need to talk to the pastor about ordering a sample that Leslie and I can listen to before we actually make a decision. Once we make that decision, we'll spend some time this summer putting lesson plans together and also planning an M&Ms kickoff for the end of August. This first year has really opened our eyes, so I think we'll be much more prepared for our second year.

4. Learn to read music. If I expect to teach these kids what the sheet music says, if I really don't have a knowledge of it myself? That's really the blind leading the blind, isn't it? I've got lots of material to study from MusicTheory.net, as well as a course I purchased from Barnes & Noble (my favorite store). Hopefully, by the time we reconvene for choir on September 3, I'll at least have a working knowledge of music.

5. Learn to sew. I know! It seems like an odd goal for someone like me, who is not at all gifted in the domestic arts. But it's something that has fascinated me since I was a child watching my grandmother sew. She had one of those really nice, old sewing machines that flipped out of a hardwood desk, and I used to love to sit and watch her make things. My mother tried to learn, but she was short, SHORT on patience. Like, shorter than me. (Leslie--I'm sure your mind is boggling. Yes, there is someone out there with a shorter fuse. Her name is Bonnie, and she is my mother.) I want to start small, with a simple sewing machine, and with simple projects. I like to think of this as more of a long-term goal so that I can take on more complex patterns with a really nice sewing machine.

What are y'all working toward this summer?


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