Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Obsession Tuesday

Wow! I feel like it's been so long since I've written one of these. Good thing that I'm constantly obsessed with something so I can write...

Lennon/McCartney night on American Idol: I've been jittery and bubbly about this since Seacrest announced it two weeks ago. On the one hand, I'm a huge Beatles fan, and I can't wait to hear a select few contestants takes on these classics. On the other hand, I'm a huge Beatles fan, and I'm worried that a few of the contestants will completely ruin the songs of my favorite band. Things I'd like to hear: Amanda Overmyer singing "Helter Skelter"; Jason Castro singing "Yesterday" (even though I know David Archuleta will snag that one up!); Brooke White singing "I Want To Hold Your Hand"; and Michael Johns singing "Revolution".

Son of A Witch, by Gregory Maguire. I'm slowly but steadily collecting his works, but I had to read the sequel to Wicked first. In Wicked, we knew what fate had in store for Elphaba, but for Liir, the boy she left behind, life is literally a blank page. Liir is such an interesting character, too. He's quite morally ambiguous (at least where I'm reading now), unlike his mother-figure (Or actual mother? I don't know yet!) Elphaba, who so staunchly fought for what she believed in, even if she ultimately failed.

Finding a basic wardrobe, or "Closet Essentials" as Tim Gunn calls them. My goal is to have one of those wardrobes that you can build on as the seasons bring new looks and new trends. I'm tired of standing in front of my closet, fretting and pining over what to wear. I feel like having a core wardrobe of essentials can help me alleviate that problem. But I don't want cheaply made things--I want things made of quality, that are going to last me, because it's the heart of my wardrobe. I don't need 3 pair of black pants that are going to fall apart in a year. I really don't like wearing black pants with anything except a white shirt (and it has to have a jacket or else I'll feel like a part of the wait staff at a restaurant) or a black shirt anyway. If I do, I usually end up feeling like I look like one of the Golden Girls. I like to wear khaki pants or brown pants with most colors. I feel less severe. Of course, this is all dependent on me reaching my goal weight, which should be right around the time that the new fall collections are out.


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