Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A few thoughts on Lennon/McCartney night

Alright, first things first--last night's American Idol might have been my favorite Top 12 show of all time. yes, I'm including the awesome Season Five when they had Stevie Wonder night. Granted, I am a huge Beatles fan, in case I haven't made that clear enough. But this group just really rocked my socks off last night. Ask Richie--I was completely breathless for more than half the performances. I loved every minute.

So who did I love? First off, Chikezie completely rocked my world and he was, by far, my favorite performance of the night, singing "She's A Woman". I get breathless thinking about it now! That was complete risk0taking, and to my knowledge, it wasn't a copy of another artist's arrangement--it was his own. Which, of course, makes it even more awesome than when it began. I also loved Brooke White's version of "Let It Be" (Tiffany V.--that's TOTALLY your audition song for next season. Learn it. Love it. Make it!). I was in tears along with Brooke as she played and sang. It was so beautiful and heartfelt. Carly did a great job with "Come Together" and I thought Michael Johns sang a beautifully restrained "Across The Universe".

I did not like Kristy Lee Cook's butchering of "Eight Days A Week". It made me sick to my stomach, honestly. Why ruin a perfectly good song? Why? Because Simon told you that you were a country singer? Don't countrify everything--you're not gunning for Simon's vote, you're gunning for America's! I thought David Archuleta's "We Can Work It Out" was seriously lacking as well, and have no idea WHY the producers would put him in the pimp spot when Chikezie's performance should have been the way to close out the show.

What a way to start out the Top Twelve. Season Seven is fast becoming my favorite season.



Anonymous said...

I love that song so much! She did very well.

-Tiff V.

Josie Thames said...

Are we talking about "Let It Be"? That is my all-time favorite Beatles song, and I think you would do a great job with it.