Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Update

What a busy, productive weekend I had! I've learned that you have to strike when the iron is hot, and I was hot to rearrange the house! I started out by making a list (naturally!) and by 1:30 Sunday morning, it had really gotten out of control, the things I wanted to do to the house.

I decided to start small by rearranging the master bedroom. I took the computer out of our room and placed it in Trey's room, and got rid of the defunct computer that was living in his room. Now Cathryn has a place to watch television and play on her sites when Trey is not home. Second, I removed all the DVDs, the television, and the DVD player out of the dilapidated entertainment center that had been housing them, and Richie and I threw it to the curb. Then I took all of my books and children's choir supplies off of the table I had been using and made it our new entertainment center, which I moved to a better location in relation to our bed. My darling, precious books were moved to a proper bookshelf (which made my darling, precious shoes homeless for about three hours), and the computer desk was converted to a hobby desk for Richie. I also moved the overstuffed chair in our room to a comfy corner where I can read or blog while Richie inspects his coins.

Since my shoes were homeless, and kind of heaped up sadly in a Tupperware container, I was forced to do a Wal-Mart run, since that's the only place in town you can get a shelving unit. I cannot see myself driving to Home Depot at 8 pm. It's in Surfside, and probably would have been closed by the time I got there. Wal-Mart was a scene of mass hysteria. I had a total of SEVEN things in my cart, and yet I did lot leave the place until 9. The only registers open were on the grocery side, and then there were only about five of those working. Forty-five minutes in line is forty-two minutes too long. UNACCEPTABLE.

When Cathryn and I finally got home, she and I put the shelf together. More proof that I've not given birth to another human being, but a clone of myself-- she drew out a plan of the shelf on her dry-erase board, complete with ponytailed figures with tools in hands. I don't know if I'd ever been more proud.

When I woke up the next morning, I saw that parts of the shelf were backward. I'm still too tired and sore to correct the problem. Speaking of being tired and sore, I could barely get out of bed Sunday morning, so I knew that there would be no dressing up to go to church. That's right--I played hookey. I'm not entirely proud of it, because I know that I need to be in church, but I seriously, seriously needed a day of rest. I finished Wicked (so, so awesome!), wrote, watched Band of Brothers with Richie (another piece of awesome!), and went to play practice.

Play practice went so, so well. Leslie's in charge of all the drama-related stuff this year, so this was her practice. She had us all sit in a circle and we read through the play, each actor just reading his or her lines until we had read the entire play through once. Then Leslie had us split into two groups (since there are two teams in the play), and go over timing and lines that way. My group was the Red Team, which is the younger team, comprised of Cathryn (Hiker #5), Dalton (Hiker #6), Brian Michael (Hiker #7), and Jordan (Hiker #8). What worried me the most was Cathryn reading her lines out loud, but she surprised me once again at how calm and collected she was. Folks, my little mini-me is brimming with confidence. I was surprised at how well they all read, given their ages. The kids were also pretty excited about their parts. When we reconvened, Leslie told me that she feels really good about the play now that she's gotten to hear them all read. We still have a few kinks to work out musically, but I have no worries. The next two practices are choreography-related, so no doubt Leslie and I will be steeped in prayer. And Valium, for our nerves.

Next up on the project list: cleaning out the closets, rearranging Cathryn's room.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me, except of course the walmart trip. I spent 2 hours in there today just trying to get precription ointment for Emma Claire. By the way, who is getting the valium??? We will both probably need it by May 14th!