Friday, February 08, 2008

There's no theme to this post!

Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Sometimes, I just love random posts, where nothing is really connected. Just to throw y'all off. It's Friday, and I'm feeling eeeevilllll. *laughing maniacally*

First and foremost, Trey's name is all over the Georgetown High School baseball site. If you look under awards, there is his name in several places. Richie and I were jumping with joy, because the website hadn't really been shown any love in the last couple of seasons. The IP Classic will be coming up very soon, and there will be pictures of my boys' name up on that wall when he was named last season's MVP. Hooyah!

Second, Richie and I are planning a trip to Charleston with Cathryn in the next couple of weeks. I know I just came back from Charleston, but there's nothing like taking mini-vacations with your family. We'll be staying at the Holiday Inn Riverview (the round hotel off of Savannah Highway), and I requested a room toward the top. We're also planning on visiting the Charleston Museum, the Market, and the SC Aquarium. We're hoping to take a carriage ride, but we'll have to see how time permits. There will be lots of pictures, rest assured. That Cathryn Gale is a ham. I don't know where she got it from.

What else? OH! I finally finished the Elvis puzzle! At 6:25 am, I pushed the last piece in. I did a little jig in the dining room, all by myself in my pajamas. I did all the heavy work on it last night, so much so that when I closed my eyes, all I could see were puzzle pieces! I tried to take a picture to post here, but since it was a holographic puzzle, the quality came out fuzzy. Oh, well.

Not much else going on, except we'll be doing a little rearranging and house cleaning on Saturday, and then play practice on Sunday.

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