Friday, January 25, 2008

A Post About Posting, OR Much Ado About Nothing

I tell you what, once you get out of the habit of posting everyday, it's very difficult to get back into it. I took last weekend off so that the Thames clan could spend a family weekend together. But once I came back home on Sunday, I just couldn't find anything to write about. (Like the stuff I post here is life-altering, you know.) So I went about the rest of my three-day weekend doing procrastinaty kind of stuff--laundry, mostly, but there was also a fair amount of sitting on the couch, watching television and downloading music. Lofty pursuits.

When I came back to work, I found myself wanting to post, but still not finding anything to write about that I hadn't already said before, and I don't want to be one to beat a poor, dead horse. Plus, I was busy making out my packing list for when I go to Charleston with my friend Missey this weekend. Priorities, people.

I do want to talk about Richie and his new hobby--coin collecting. He's so cute, y'all, hunched over his desk with his box full of pennies, separating the wheat from the chaff. I think he finally found something that he can obsess over and enjoy. He'll get tired and want to go to bed, but then we'll lay there for an hour talking about coins. I smile and smile, because I know what it's like to have something fuel that fire, and God knows--Richie has smiled through all of my various obsessions.

But it's really more than that--I'm happy to see him get involved in something that's just for him. For so long, he gave up his life to make sure that Trey realized his dream of playing college baseball. For a while after Trey left for school, Richie was at a bit of a loss. We were at the office one day, and Richie started talking about how he would find all these interesting coins when he worked on payphones. One thing led to another, and he decided this would be a worthwhile thing to pursue.

Y'all. I thought I was a woman obsessed. I have never seen anything like Richie. He researches coins the way I research television shows, but more intense. He eBays coins. He talks with other collectors and vendors. We scour flea markets and coin fairs, looking for specific coins. When he talks about coins, he recalls facts that I only I thought I could drum up in my head about American Idol contestants. It's amazing, really. It thrills me, to be honest, and I'm being completely sincere about that. I am so happy to see him this taken with a hobby.

And not just because it gives me an excuse to continue to obsess over my various obsessions. I'm happy to see him so happy, because he's been so selfless to his family all of these years.

(PS....My hair looks so good today, it would make you weep with joy if you saw it.)

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