Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cathryn began voice lessons today. I have to admit that I was the tiniest bit jealous when my mother-in-law came back with news of what Cathryn learned with her teacher, and how well she did in her singing exercises. In my mind, I know that she probably wouldn't do as well if I were there. She'd be too busy trying to impress me an wouldn't learn as much. But the curious part of me wants to see what's going on at practice.

I also had a moment tonight when I was attempting to help Cathryn go over the piece that the teacher had given her to practice this week. I took my keyboard out, but I had to label all the notes, and it took me forever to find the notes on the keyboard. Then when I played it a couple of times, it didn't sound anything like the way Cathryn was singing it. This is why I can't teach Cathryn voice, because I can't really read music. What I do know, I've taught myself and picked up from singing in choirs. It was really, really frustrating not being able to play for her the way it deserves. For a brief, fleeting moment, I was jealous of Richie and Trey, because they have a shared language of baseball, and Richie can always offer advice on how Trey can improve his game. I can only teach Cathryn so much about music.

I've resolved to go into my archive of online lessons and find out how to play this piece of music, because she deserves to have a mother who can talk with her about the things that interest her.

I didn't watch most of American Idol tonight, because it's just more important to me that Cathryn keep her school-night schedule of having her mom put her to bed with a story. Apparently, I do great voices, because she's always giggling when I read her a story.

Anyway, I only saw like the last half, and really wasn't paying attention then, until they announced a little person named "Carly Smithson". Now, I haven't been hiding under a rock, and I know that her maiden name is actually "Hennessey". Folks, I have a Carly Hennessey radio station on Pandora. Seriously, I'm not lying here, or even joking. She used to be a signed artist.

I remember a time (Season 4) when the purist in me would have said "NO WAY!" But now, I'm jaded, I'm cynical, I'm too tired to fight it. Listen, the girl can sing. And Simon's right--she can sing a lot better than what she gave them in that audition we saw on Tuesday. Go ahead--go to Pandora and type in Carly Hennessey. See what you find.

Other people that have had a record deal that are sure to be destined for the Top 24? Kristy Lee Cook, and the babysitter who had never seen an R-rated movie. Honestly, though, I would rather the producers put these folks through that the idiots who make it in to see The Big Three for the sake of ratings. It's almost justice for the overlooked talent.

Notice how I said almost. Wake me when it's Hollywood week.


stacy o. said...

you have to watch tonight. the auditions are in charleston!

oh, and i know an awesome piano teacher in georgetown if you want some josie-time.

Josie Thames said...

I missed the Charleston auditions! I had a goodbye party to go to for our Minister of Music.

Who's that piano teacher?