Friday, January 18, 2008

How appropriate.

I just got an email from my Sunday School class leader about the topic for this Sunday's lesson:

Our Sunday School lesson this week comes from Psalm 7 and is about injustice. Read this Psalm from several interpretations. One of the Biblical truths of this lesson is that we should place our trust in God to help us through difficult times, Another is that a day will come when God will make everything right. In the meantime, we are to examine our own hearts and make sure our lifestyles, habits, actions, and words honor the Lord Jesus Christ.

As I read it, I just couldn't but think to myself--how appropriate.

It amazes me, the way God works. He knew, in His infinite wisdom that I (and I'm sure a few others) would be going through this crisis of faith, and He laid this lesson on someone's heart way, way, way back when this book was being written.

Sometimes, you can just feel God hugging you. I think I've moved on from denial, anger and depression, and moved into peaceful acceptance.

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