Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Headache research

So far, the candidates are:

--Migraine headaches (Which is what I've always suspected. I even used to take a nightly migraine medication, but stopped for my own reasons.) The experts over at WebMD say that there is no known cause of migraines, except for something to do with blood vessels. HA! Take that, People Who Say I Should Drink Decaf! One eight ounce cup a day is not going to give me a migraine. However, the article also says that it can be brought on by the following triggers: chocolate, red wine, cheese, MSG, strong odors, not eating, and poor sleep habits. Well, I see two of mine right there--chocolate and not eating properly. I think I'll start to monitor this.

--Needing glasses. (This is Richie's conclusion, because I've always read so much, in any kind of light. He thinks I may be straining my eyes, and that's what's giving me these headaches.)

My conclusion? Maybe a little a both. I'll need to make an appointment with an optometrist.

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