Sunday, January 13, 2008

Disappointment rears its ugly head.

I really should have seen it coming. I mean, it was going too well, and I was just way too excited about the spring musical.

One of my girls told me that she didn't want a speaking part, and she didn't want to sing a solo, either. And neither did her brother. It broke my heart, because I was so sure she wanted to be a part of it. She seemed so excited at rehearsal on Wednesday, and she was always one I could count on to sing and participate during Christmas play rehearsals. Her brother, well, I halfway expected it, because typically, boys just aren't that interested in plays. I don't know what happened. Did someone say something to her at school, making fun of her for being in a church play? I wish kids knew--the way adults know--that kids say cruel things because they're jealous or insecure.

I was really despondent throughout the entire Sunday night service, blaming myself for getting too excited about the play, thinking maybe I assigned roles too early, accusing myself of choosing a play that was too difficult for the kids to learn.

But as soon as service was over, two little rays of sunshine peeked through. Another of my students wanted to talk to me about her part, and I had the opportunity to tell her why she had gotten such a big part. Once I was able to talk to her about her part, we both felt better, and at least she was back on track. But then, my boy student that had wanted to quit earlier rushed up to me and informed me that he needed another script, because he had lost his. I talked to him, and he confirmed to me twice that yes, he really did want his part. So it turns out that I only have a little bit of shuffling to do.

I keep learning, play by play, and week by week. I'm thinking of holding auditions for the Christmas play, a few weeks after they've had a chance to listen to it. That way, the kids that really want parts will get them.

In other news, no headaches. Plus, it's almost a relief to have the writer's strike still on, because I would be watching way too much television if Heroes, Ugly Betty, and The Office were still on, especially now that Project Runway is in full swing, and American Idol will be premiering in two days. One thing I've learned--there is such a thing as too much television.

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