Tuesday, October 09, 2007

October 8-12 TV Wrapup

This will be my last TV Wrap-up post. Instead, I'll be posting the recaps the morning after the show airs.

Heroes: Gah! Peter didn't open the box, but he did get a kiss. Also, he continues to be all emo about his powers, instead of saying, "Awesome! I'm like a superhero and stuff!" If I found out I suddenly had superpowers, I wouldn't walk anywhere, or use doors. I'd fly everwhere, and just walk through walls and stuff. I'd freeze time and rearrange the customers that annoyed me in funny ways. Maybe I wouldn't be the most responsible superhuman on the planet, but at least I wouldn't be all mopey. I'd have some fun. If he's going to continue to act this way, I'm promoting him from Captain Emo to Major Emo, which sounds very fitting, don't you think? In other quasi-Petrelli kissage news, Claire tries to cover that she did, in fact cut off her own toe to see if it would grow back. I mean, it did and all, but ewwww. West, the smart cookie stalker that he is, convinces her that it's OK to be different by swooping her up in his arms and flying off IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Maybe not such a smart cookie after all. Ooh! And it was Claire's beloved Daddy who tagged West! That's sure to come up at dinner sometime. Let's see...what else? Oh yes, Parkman and Mohinder are still whiny and boring about how they have the most important job in the world, protecting Molly and bringing down The Company. I think they've both enlisted in Peter's Emo Army. Maya finally stops acting mopey about her powers, and uses them to get her brother out of jail. Niki and Micah didn't get near enough screentime, although we are told that DL is dead (NOOOO!!!!), Micah is going to live with his supercreepy grandma, and Niki is going to get help from The Company...for a price. In other news? Sylar is being kept alive by Candice and some other unnamed source, but Sylar tried to heal himself by killing Candice and trying to absorb her power. Ha, ha--it doesn't work, and now you're stranded in the jungle somewhere. Serves you right!

Dancing With The Stars: I totally missed it. Sorry. But I heard that Wayne Newton is history. Woo!

Ugly Betty: For me, this seemed like a really packed episode, and this a show that really packs a lot into each episode, so I'm going to try to condense it. To continue from last week, Henry found out that Charley is definitely with child, but it may or may not be his. There's going to be a paternity test. In TWELVE WEEKS? No way, because Amanda has totally gotten hers back already in like two weeks, and discovers that she is NOT her boss's daughter, much to her relief. Mark devises a plan for Amanda to cash in on her could-be fame as Faye Sommers' illegitimate daughter at Mode's annual Black-and-White Ball. The ball is normally hosted each year by Claire Meade, but she's hiding out in the Hamptons. However, when she finds out that Wilhelmina and Bradford have postponed the wedding, she plans to attend anyway. Wilhelmina, in her ongoing attempt to scheme her way to the top of Meade Publications, is now scheming to un-postpone the wedding, by getting Alexis to believe that they were best friends before the horrible accident. It involves a hilariously photoshopped photo album. Justin, who is trying to become more like his father, picks up a basketball and asks wheelchair-bound Daniel to teach him how to play. Poor Justin, he plays basketball just the way I did when I was his age--screaming and covering his head when the ball comes his way--and it's so frustrating to Daniel that he JUMPS out of his wheelchair, and totally blows his cover that he's faking it just so he can get to know the physical therapist better. Oh, and Betty totally gets the sandwich guy fired, but it's OK with him, and he drives her to New Jersey to pick up a special wheelchair for Daniel to use at the Black-and-White Ball. Also, Gio the Sandwich Guy might be Betty's new love interest because he challenged her to start writing again. NO!

Grey's Anatomy: I have to confess, y'all. I've officially broken up with this show. It's stopped being fun and it's taking itself way too seriously. It competes with The Office, and I really don't need another show in my life that makes me think Deep Thoughts. I have enough of those on my own, without the help of a television show. So, goodbye Grey's Anatomy. You were seriously fun for two and a half seasons.


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