Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Heroes Recap, October 15, 2007

Last night, on Heroes:

Is it really a power when you can instantly create something you saw on television? I think that's just being really observant, no matter what the writers are trying to tell us about Micah's cousin Monica. I can only see that being handy in very specific situations, like if you watched Pay-Per-View wrestling that your techy-genius cousin wrigged up and then you were attacked by a robber in the fast-food restaurant where you work. Because is there anything really useful on television? I mean, we could go all meta and argue that maybe if we watched Heroes and already possessed this power, we could fly and walk through walls and be all emo about our newly acquired powers. Except the awesome thing about Monica is that she isn't emo at all. She's surprised, sure, as we all would be, but I think she's going to be like Micah and definitely use her new power to her advantage.

Maya and Alejandro are escaping Mexico (still!) with the dude that stole Claire's Nissan Rogue, when they almost drive over a dude laying in the road. And who would our near-dead friend be? Why, none other than Sylar, fresh from the jungle. How did he heal so quickly? If they know what's good for them, they should have left him for dead. But no, the Wonder Twins are too full of compassion and love to leave well enough alone. Alejandro is slightly suspicious, but Maya's all "ooh....he can help us!" and taken with him. How anyone can be taken with someone that looks THAT creepy, with his crazy serial killer eyes, I will never know. It's probably going to get them killed, this being trusting... Speaking of killing, Sylar totally does the car thief in when Car Thief wants to turn the Wonder Twins into the authorities. The Wonder Twins can't go to jail! They're Sylar's brain food! HE wants to kill people by bleeding from his eyes!

Ma Petrelli confessed to killing Hiro's dad, even though Parkman's not buying it. She tells Parkman it's to keep other people from finding out about the people with powers. When Nathan arrives, he recognizes the picture with the drawing over them, and takes Parkman back to Casa Petrelli to show him the original picture, and points out all the dead folks, when Parkman sees a face that he recognizes--his dad, who skipped out on him when he was 13. In the picture, I recognize Bob from The Company. I just know he's the one killing everyone off this season.

Claire, in true teenage fashion, completely disregards her parents' wishes and begins dating West behind their back. He takes her to the Hollywood sign, and just like any good boyfriend, dares her to jump off since she can regenerate. When she stupidly does it, instead of telling him where he can get off and she doesn't need to prove anything to him, he catches her and they kiss, all Superman and Lois Lane in the air. Ugh, I'm going to be sick just thinking about it.

Disappointingly, there was no Niki, or Hiro, or Peter.


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