Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October 1-5 TV Wrapup

Instead of recapping each show at length, I've decided to do one post a week covering all the shows I (we?) watch. To "borrow" a term from Television Without Pity, we'll call them "weecaps".

Heroes: Mohinder gets sent on a mission to cure a man in Port-Au-Prince (I wanna catch a glimpse.... sorry, I can't say names of islands without singing "Kokomo".) who turns out to be The Haitian! Also, I'm super glad that Mohinder is not anemic, because if his blood is the only cure for this virus, well, he's in trouble. And don't think for a minute that Sylar won't slice him up if he happens to catch that virus! Parkman meets Ando at the crime scene, but there's only one body! Later, he pulls in Ma Petrelli for questioning, where she tells Parkman to get out of her head and gets herself all cut up by some unseen force. In other Petrelli news, Peter finds some clothes, some powers, and his name. My guess? There's nothing in that box. IT's just a ruse to get Peter to go along with the robbery. Maya and Alejandro are still on the run, and I still can't tell what Maya's power is, other than bleeding from her eyes. How that's a power, I don't know. Hiro sets out to set history right by becoming Kinsei himself, and Claire sets out to set herself apart, discovering that she can regrow limbs (can you really count a pinkie toe as a limb?) and that West might, just might, be a stalker. Or at least crazy. And finally? The Haitian meets up with his old friend, Noah (Bennett) Butler. And Mr. Muggles is missing his life as a show dog. Poor Mr. Muggles.

Dancing With The Stars: Jennie Garth falls, Wayne Newton fails, and Albert Reed dedicates his dance to his grandfather. Any guesses for who got escorted off the dance floor? If you said the passable performance by an unknown model, you're right!

Top Chef: Well, Casey fell apart didn't she? I can't say I'm not disappointed that Hung won, because I was really hoping for a Casey or Dale win. However, I will say that Hung's final meal did look outstanding, and I would have tried everything on that table he served. What I really, really wanted to try, though, was Dale's Colorado lamb. Dude, that plate looked awesome! I really have to say that out of the last three seasons, Season Three has really been my favorite. Not only were all the cooks incredibly talented, but they also seemed to really admire and get along with one another. Sure, there were a few hurt feelings over the course of the season, but why wouldn't there when there are so many chefs in one kitchen?

Ugly Betty: Miraculously, Hilda is out of bed and presumably getting on with her life, making Justin peanut butter sandwiches and going through Santos' things. All of which are hideously tacky, and Hilda loves each and every piece. Justin begins his internship at Mode, putting all the adult interns to shame. Betty is stupid, telling Henry that she and he could be "buddies" instead of telling him the TRUTH, which is that Charlie cheated on him, and that she's pregnant with another's man child! But, leave it to awesome Irish Christina the seamstress to set poor Henry straight, who goes right out and gets drunk on a wine cooler. Man, this show is so great. In other news, Wilhelmina is still trying to run Mode, so she blackmails Betty by telling her that she'll make sure that her father the senator pushes Betty's dad's Visa to the top of the stack IF she doesn't go to Daniel about the changes. But Wili gets her comeuppance, with Bradford wanting to postpone the wedding until he feels that Alexis/Alex (who now loves the fact that he's a woman!) is ready to hear that they are getting married. Shew! A lot sure happens in one hour! Oh! I forgot! Amanda inherit's her dead birth mother's dog, Halston, who happens to be the ugliest and sickliest dog on the planet. Ok, I promise that nothing else happened.

The Office:
Well, it's out in Dunder-Mifflin--Jim and Pam are together, and mostly everyone is pretty psyched about it, with the exception of Toby (who has a crush on Pam), and Phyllis (who has quite a bristly interior underneath that calm, quiet exterior). Dwight tried to replace Angela's cat Sprinkles, which led to her breaking up with him. I actually felt sorry for Dwight for the first time in a long time. Ryan comes by to train the Scranton branch (and treat Kelly badly, and hit on Pam) with a new way of doing business, which scared the older members of the office, especially Micheal, who set out to prove that old-fashioned gift baskets can accomplish more than the new Dunder-Mifflin website. Boy was he wrong! All the former clients were only interested in the new website. I was all "Go Team Technology!" until Michael listened to literally to his car's GPS and landed in a lake. I will be so happy when this show goes back to it's original 30 minutes. One hour is just too long.


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