Tuesday, April 03, 2007

AI: Top 9, 04/03/07

I had a hard time getting Cathryn to sleep tonight, so my introduction is going to be a little sparse here. My apologies in advance, because I missed the whole opening segment. I walked in the living room just as soon as Blake's segment came up. Tonight's theme is Tony Bennett, and the contestants are being mentored by the man himself. I have to admit that I don't know anything about Tony Bennett, so I don't have any feelings toward him, like I do Barry Manilow or Gwen Stefani, who in my opinion are polar opposites when it comes to coaching the contestants. Every year that Manilow has been on, he has been an immense help to the contestants, and as we saw last week, Stefani was not much help at all. I am still eagerly awaiting the arrival of Jon Bon Jovi, who I hope will be on the awesome side of mentoring. Woo! (That was just for you Taylor fans out there....)

Blake Lewis is wearing a shirt in his pre-performance video that I'm not entirely convinced didn't come from the children's department at Target-- because Cathryn has one in her closet that is identical, right down to the ruffles. The song that he's chosen to sing is “Mack the Knife”, which I'm pretty sure John Stevens sang back in the OTHER boring season, number three. So pretty much anything he does will be an improvement. I love that Tony Bennett gave him a slight verbal smackdown, saying that it was “pre-rap”. This isn't a song that I like, but I do like Blake, and he's doing a good job with it. He actually looks like Seacrest, right down to the tie, like his pale little brother. Blake has a nice voice, and I think it's a good performance, and I agree with Paula that it was a great way to start the show. I do love to watch him dance, though.

From the looks of the video, Phil Stacy is letting his hair grow back! Wow, he actually doesn't look quite as dead and scary. He just looks..aged. That's not entirely a put-down. He's chosen “Night and Day”, which I've heard performed by Frank Sinatra. And let me tell you, I love me some Frank Sinatra. What a voice! Oh, Phil's doing pretty good, too, and it makes me happy that his voice is growing more confident as he starts his songs off. He's dressed nicely, oh no, wait—he's shiny bald again. The suit is nice, though. He does have a nice, smooth voice, but I found this to be one of Phil's lesser performances. Bottom Three.

What kills me is that Melinda is still amazed that people enjoy hearing her sing, and this is where I officially grow tired of her shtick. She's singing “I Got Rhythm”, which actually makes me kind of sad. This is a song I wanted to sing on American Idol, before anybody else. Guess I can give up that dream, now that Melinda has sung it, and I'm closing in on 30 fast. Her dress is great, though. And of course, her voice is powerful and wonderful. Her hair, though? No, no no. NO! Her performances grow stronger every week, too. I see it now—she won't win. She'll be Tamyra'd-Latoya'd-Chris'd out in the final four. Because she's too good.

Chris Richardson is in full-on Justin mode tonight, right down to the hat and the shadow backdrop, thereby spurning my dislike for him again. He's singing “Don't Get Around Much Anymore”.And as much as I try not to like him, he does a freaking great job—maybe one of his best-- and makes me like him again. Sheesh—what's a girl to do?

Jordin is singing “On A Clear Day”, which I've never heard before. She looks like a mix between Norah Jones and America Ferrera, and I think is the prettiest girl in the whole competition. She's dressed in a mock-tuxedo, which I think is kind of clever, in a Brenda Walsh kind of way. I know that her fashion sense is pretty polarizing, with you either loving it or hating it, but I have to say this: Jordin in 17, and she dresses it. She always looks age appropriate. What can I say about her singing that hasn't already been said? Perfect. If she doesn't win, she'll definitely be in the finals.

Gina is singing “Smile”, which was written by Charlie Chaplin of all people. I didn't know that. I think is a good song for Gina, because we know how she loves a ballad, and is really good at singing them, besides. Tony Bennett seemed impressed, too. Isn't it funny how Tony Bennett is one of those people you can't just call by their first name? It's “Tony Bennett” or “Mr. Bennett”, not “Tony”. Whoa! That's quite a split in her skirt! And a tongue stud! Yikes! Her voice is nice, though, and besides the hardware and the outfit, she's really pretty because her makeup is very simple. And I love red lipstick. Bottom Three, though.

Sanjaya is singing “Cheek to Cheek”. Whatevs. I'm not even going to talk about him. As far as I'm concerned, he's not even in this competition.

Wow! Haley has really pulled out from the House of Hoochie tonight. But, if I had that body, I'd rock the Hoochie, too. Man, she makes Katharine McPhee look like a nun in that outfit. I don't really like this performance of “Ain't Misbehaving”. It's too showy, and she's flirting with the camera just a little too much. The vocal itself is a little boring, and slightly forgettable. Bottom Three.

Lakisha chose to sing “Stormy Weather”. Uh-oh! Tony's giving her some suggestions about her chosen arrangement, and we all know how well Lakisha does with advice. But does anyone get the feeling that the editors are giving her a villain edit, pitting her Evil Queen against Melinda's sweet Snow White? Just a feeling I get from this whole thing. I do not like her dress, though, no matter what Paula says. It makes her look much top-heavier than she really is. Naturally, her vocal is very good again. The note at the end was perfect, and yep! She tagged it just like Tony told her not to, and it just didn't fit. I don't care how much they tongue bathe her.

Results tomorrow, even though it won't matter!



Marnie said...

YEAH BOY. Josie, you are sooo good, I haven't even watched the DVR yet and I feel like i've seen the whole show. Why Bother? Well my boys are on spring break all week and my husband's out of town and YES, I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I thought it would be fun to have the kids all week around the house and get some cleaning and organizing done. Yet here it is 11:30 at night and I haven't even got in bed yet. Kids are hopefully asleep, I am scared to look.

I've really got a big kick out of all the silly stuff that's bubbled up about Sanjaya (who?). One lady starved herself for 2 weeks and threatened to continue until he was voted off, but she gave up. Then there's the comedian who did the funny videos about Sanny on myspace.

Okay, okay, I am off to watch now. Cannot wait.

Jose, you are a professional. When FOX calls, remember the little people! ;-)

josiegirl77 said...

You are beyond gracious and nice to say things like that. It makes me so happy to know that y'all enjoy it as much as I love writing it.

I'm sorry that you're nearing a breakdown, but I hear that insanity can be pretty fun at times!