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AI: Top 20, Women 02/28/2007

Ryan's back in his American Idol uniform-- skinny tie, slim tailored jacket and jeans. I like this better--it's completely his look, not all this crazy stuff he's been trying out lately. He introduces the ladies and informs us--like we didn't already know--that THIS is American Idol.

Since the guys brought it last night, I'm hoping that the girls will rise to the occasion, and bring it on MORE, spirit fingers and all.

The theme tonight is the same as last night-- "Let's dedicate songs and performances to people, then watch it on video and make us all teary before we have to go out and perform, THANKS, American Idol producers."

Gina Glockson is dedicating her song, Heart's "Alone" to her boyfriend. Not Simon? I'm kind of disappointed that she's chosen yet another ballad, but not just any ballad, but the very ballad that Carrie Underwood nailed in Season 4. Like, the performance sealed her win. And Gina is good, but I don't think her voice is on par with Carrie. She's a little pitchy, and strained but still, it's leaps and bounds better than last week. Her dress is awesome, and her shoes are killer. Like, I would fight her for that outfit. She'd probably kick my behind, but I'd try anyway.

Alaina Alexander dedicates her performance of "Not Ready To Make Nice" to her mother. I never thought that I would hate a Dixie Chicks song, but here I am, and have been, hating on them for a while. I miss "Wide Open Spaces" Dixie Chicks. "Sin Wagon"? Now that's a song. I might have to pull that CD out again, just for that song, and to reminisce about a time when the Dixie Chicks were relevant to our world, and we looked forward to a new song being released, instead of being a joke. Alaina looks great in her pretty blue sequined Homecoming Dance dress, but she is off-key and straining her voice through the entire song. It was too breathy, like she doesn't know what breath support is or something. It was abysmal. Bottom Two.

Lakisha Jones is dedicating her performance of "Midnight Train to Georgia " by Gladys Knight to her grandmother Ruth. I worry that Lakisha won't be able to top last week's performance of "And I Am Telling You", but she quickly dispels my fears, and completely tears it up, almost out Gladys-ing Gladys. And I like that she's a woman with curves, and really knows how to dress herself (*cough* Mandisa *cough*) in flattering and beautiful ways. So THERE, Simon. I liked her shoes, too. I would totally wear them with jeans. Now, another thing that I worry about with Lakisha is that she won't be able to diversify, like when it's country week. Then again, maybe I'm projecting Mandisa's problems onto Lakisha.

Melinda Doolittle is dedicating her performance to her stylist and her vocal coach. Ooh, Melinda is already a star. I wish I had a stylist, and a book with all my outfits like Melinda does. Hmmm....that might not be a bad idea. *makes note for self* Melinda's singing "My Funny Valentine", and I just find this song boring. I found it boring when Constantine sang it, and I've heard established artists sing it, and my opinion has not changed. Now, that's not Melinda's fault. It's just a boring song, and she's doing the best she can with it, putting in the vocal runs and trying to make it her own. And now she's all shy as she turns to the judges, and I'm beginning to agree with Tiffany V., that maybe it's an act, because I don't know many humble people who have stylists. And the judges' praise is possibly just feeding the monster.

Before we're assualted with Antonella Barba's version of Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me", I'd like to take a moment to talk about the recent controversy surrounding her. Antonella, not Celine. Now, I personally have not looked at the photos, but I've talked with people who have, and they all say that it's Antonella. And if it is Antonella, I think they should take the same approach as they did Frenchie--kick her off. I don't understand why this hasn't happened yet, and if it's because Frenchie was larger-sized, and Antonella is thin and gorgeous, well then that makes me very angry. I think the same rules should apply for everyone. If they're going to kick off Ashlyn Carr for putting sugar in her boyfriend's gas tank, then they should dismiss Antonella for her naughty pictures. Now--back to the singing. Her performance is dedicated to her brother, and I remember this song from that Michelle Pfieffer movie "Up Close and Personal", because I rented it when I was in college and cried though that whole movie and cut my hair off at the end because I had just broken up with my boyfriend and I wanted someone to love me the way Robert Redford loved Michelle in that movie, and her haircut was so sleek. But y'all--she's awful. Antonella, not Michelle. Michelle Pfieffer is awesome, and has a nice singing voice. see "The Fabulous Baker Boys" and "Grease 2" for reference. Especially "Grease 2", if just for "Cool Rider". Man, I've got to go download that song now. "I want a C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R..." Where was I? Oh that's right-- Antonella's performance was completely flat throughout. Bottom Two.

Jordin Sparks is dedicating her performance to her brother, as well. She's so cute and precious, and so is her brother. They're just like a cute precious little family. She's singing Christina Aguilera's "Reflection" from Mulan. Her dress is really pretty. I would completely wear it. Now, the singing on the other hand, is less than pretty. It's flat in places, sharp in places, and shaky most all around. Oh, I'm disappointed, Jordin. You did so well last week. I've got to double my votes to keep her around, because I know that she can do better.

Stephanie Edwards dedicates her performance to her parents, who pushed her to audition. She's singing "Dangerously In Love" in a very Beyonce-esque dress. Sparkly, spangly, tight, and with a split up to THERE. Now, the performance is really good, but here's my issue. She sounds too much like Beyonce. I mean, Beyonce is a gorgeous woman, and her voice is beyond comparison, but isn't the point to set yourself apart? To prove yourself to be an original? Now, that's not to say that I'm not going to vote for her, because I totally am. She tore it up. What I hate is when the judges completely rip off my comments. Y;all read this after you've seen it, which is while I'm writing it, so y'all could think that I'm just copying them. Honest, I am not. Hopefully, y'all know that I am full of my own opinions.

Leslie Hunt is so awesome, like she's kind of a hippie in the free-spirited fun way, not in the smokes weed and possibly doesn't shower way. She dedicates her performance to her late Grandpa Bob. Is this the same song AJ Tabaldo sang last night? "Feeling Good"? It totally is! Wow...I think I like her version like a thousand times more than AJ's. I think I might have found my new favorite girl. I think she was awesome, although her choice of clothing seriously makes me doubt her judgement. Now, if she was going to blast some 80's era Madonna? Maybe a little "Like A Virgin" or "Papa Don't Preach"? Yeah, I'd get behind that outfit. Save it for theme night, Leslie.

Haley Scarnato dedicates her performance to her fiance. I wonder if he goes to the hoochie stores with her when she shops? Oh, y'all, I KNOW she is NOT singing "Queen of the Night" from The Bodyguard. Cripes, she totally is. Do we really want to make prostitute references, Haley? I wish it was good, or kitchsy, or SOMETHING, but I'm not laughing with her, I'm laughing AT her. Oh, Haley. I think you might be going home, Hoochie-Haley. You and Antonella, the Queens of the Night....

Sabrina Sloan is singing Whitney Houston's "All The Man That I Need" and dedicating the performance to her grandmother. It's one of those songs where you know you know it, but you just can't place it, like maybe you spent half of high school life listening to this song and mooning over your friend, who maybe doesn't realize you like him "that way". What? It's not like I'm speaking from personal experience. I'm just saying it's that kind of song. Her voice is sublime, and I think she's Top 12 all the way.

Bottom Two: Alaina and Antonella or possibly Haley

Girls-- you DID NOT bring it tonight. Results tomorrow!

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