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AI: Semi-Finals, Top 20 Men, 02/27/2007

I've been talking with several of you, and we all seem to be in one accord: Season Six, especially the guys, has been kind of boring. I mean, where's the competition if the ladies are just going to blow away the guys? Here's hoping the guys can step it up, because THIS is American Idol.

Ryan begins his monologue by congratulating Jennifer Hudson on winning Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards Sunday night. She and Latoya London were my favorites during Season Three, so I am so happy to see JHud doing well for herself. He turns to the judges, and they all basically say the same thing--the guys were boring, and if they want to stick around, they'd better be much better than last week.

Sidenote that has absolutely nothing to do with anything: Paula's hair is pretty tonight. I like it straight, not all poofy. Here's hoping that she's sober.

Ryan concludes by telling us that the contestants are dedicating tonight's performances to the people who inspire them.

First up is Bat Boy, I mean Phil Stacey, who dedicates his performance to the men and women serving in the Military. He's singing my favorite song from the 80s, John Waites' "Missing You". Have y'all heard the version where he duets with Alison Krauss? John Waites, not Phil Stacey. Anyway, it's all kinds of awesome. I downloaded it just do I could listen to it on loop. It's kinda nasal in the beginning, but overall very good. Much better than last week--what a way to open the show! The judges complain that he's likable, but unoriginal. They also say that the tone of his voice is good, and is sure to be around next week. I'm voting for him.

Ryan's talking the guys up, and asks them what people have been telling them about last week's performances. Sundance says that people told him to be less crappy, and AJ Tabaldo says that he got mixed reviews. I can't even remember what you sang, so there.

Jared Cotter dedicates his performance to his mother, who pushed him to audition, and his father, who played Stevie Wonder and Donnie Hathaway records for him. Y'all--he's dedicating "Let's Get It On" to his MOTHER? Ewww. OH, DOUBLE EWWW. Other than implying incest, though, this is leaps and bounds above last week's performance, and I really enjoyed his "Rock With You". He nailed this performance tonight, and I just don't get Randy's opinion that he was pitchy. Of course, with Paula, she has already picked him as her "Ace" this year, and everything that comes out of her mouth is a double entendre. Simon tells him that it sounded a bit cruise-shippy. But y'all, I just don't see it. I thought it was awesome.

AJ Tabaldo is also dedicating his performance to his mom and dad, who told him to never give up. His voice is very nice, and I like the almost acappella arrangement of "Feeling Good". The boys have brought it tonight. Maybe the competition has finally begun! With the exception of a bum final note, he does a really great job with the song. The judges basically fall all over him and themselves praising him, even Simon, saying that it was "nearly very good". I'm afraid that because of Sanjaya's little girl vote, AJ could be in trouble, so I'm going to vote double for him.

Sanjaya Malakar dedicates his performance to his grandfather, who died when he was five. What? Not his sister? Yeah, I don't blame you after she totally sabotaged your performance last week by picking the most boring song in existence for you to sing. I wonder if she picked "Stepping Out" for him to sing tonight? Because it's totally just as boring, plus he's dressed like Michael Jackson, circa "Smooth Criminal", hat and all. I completely agree with the judges--it was like a high school musical, and not the good-cheesy one by Disney. A bad high school musical. But of course, he'll cruise by, because the hordes of thirteen year old girls will start to cry, because he wanted to honor his grandad. SPARE ME. Bottom Two.

Chris Sligh is dedicating his performance tonight to his wife. Aww, that's sweet. He's singing "Trouble", which is a song that I've only heard on this show, because Taylor sang it last year. Is it wrong (or blasphemous) to say that I prefer this to Taylor's version? Don't hit me, Mandy! Don't hate me, Laurie! I don't know, it's just that his tone is beautiful and smooth and wonderful. I also like that he's wearing a very slimming suit. It compliments him and the song well. Like you could listen to a whole album of his stuff. The judges love him, especially Simon. Yay!

Nick Pedro is dedicating his song, "Fever", to his girlfriend. Nick Pedro has a girlfriend? Wow, I totally had that one pegged wrong. But then he chooses to sing a Peggy Lee song. He's got ME confused, so I can only imagine how he must feel on the inside. His voice is good, but I just don't think these songs are right for the semis. I was kinda bored--even if Simon was snapping his fingers to the beat. Maybe it is a charisma issue, like Simon said, because the boy does have a nice voice. I'm still reeling from the whole "girlfriend" revelation--and she's super cute, too, and looks a little like Kelly Clarkson. Bottom Two.

Blake Lewis is wearing the stupidest hat ever, and dedicates his performance to his parents. Man, I'd forgotten "Virtual Insanity"! I used to love it,and you could see me dancing and singing in the Nerdmobile. Or was it the Isuzu? I can't remember, but I remember the video. The singing was good, but wasn't great, but the performance sure was fun, and I loved the beatboxing. The judges are incredibly split over him, which means Randy and Paula love him, and Simon is very disappointed. Here's my theory: Blake is the Chosen One, therefore, Simon will play the heavy and pretend to hate him in order to drum up even more votes for him.

Brandon Rogers apparently just got out of bed and threw on whatever t-shirt and jeans he wore the night before as he dedicates "Time After Time" to his grandmother, who pushed him and encouraged him. I wish she would have encouraged him to dress better. Man, Paula is going to have a hard time choosing who seduce. You can almost hear the inner workings of her brain: "Jared or Brandon? Jared or Brandon? Vicodin or Vodka?"... but wow, Brandon is going to make me cry. That's how good his rendition is, plus it's for his DEAD GRANDMA, y'all. Now, I don't agree that this was boring. He did Michael Jackson last week--he's showing versatility by singing a ballad.

Chris Richardson dedicates "Geek In The Pink" to his grandma, who is spunky and energetic. I've never heard this song before--anyone want to help me out on an artist name? Thanks, Randy--it's Jason Mraz. I don't like what Chris is wearing, I will tell you that. He looks like he's just out on his normal Saturday afternoon, walking his dog, instead of performing on national television in front of millions of people. The performance is good, and as much as I don't want to like him, he makes it hard by consistently giving fun performances that are modern and fresh. Has anyone rapped on Idol before? Darn you! He's even funny! Man, I hate it when that happens.

Sundance dedicates his song, "Mustang Sally" to his son, Levi. Now, I kinda got busted up a bit for liking his performance of "Nights in White Satin" last week. But gosh darn it, I like it this week, too! It's fun, it's upbeat, and I think that he got a haircut. Eww--I can see the veins in Phil Stacey's head. I think Sundance should donate his chin hair to Phil.

Bottom Two: Wow, this was hard, because they all just improved their performances tremendously. Umm...Sanjaya and Nick?

In conclusion, the guys have returned the challenge back to the girls. In the words of RuPaul, "you better work!"


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