Wednesday, February 14, 2007

AI: Hollywood Week, 02/13/2007

Oh, man...MAN! I love Hollywood week, do you hear me? I'm talking head over heels, let's move in together and get married L-O-V-E Hollywood week. I love the tears, and the back-stabbing, and the "it's not my fault I couldn't sing that song" of it all. I love that Paula, Randy, and Simon are actually serious about this leg of the competition, instead of being the giggling twelve-year-olds like they are during the auditions (and sometimes Top 24 and beyond).

It all goes by so fast that I really didn't have a chance to take notes, but I will give you the highlights, OK? And in return, you tell me what stood out to you, agreed?

HAHAHAHA--Fake-ira or Shakira-lite, or That Chick with The Big Boobs That Can't Sing But Flirted Her Way Into Hollywood--whatever you want to call her--got canned during the group rounds. I knew she would fall apart she had to sing something that wasn't Shakira. But I thought everyone else in her group was really good, especially Gine Glockson. I hope she makes it to the Top 24-I really liked her last year, and was disappointed when she didn't make it to the voting rounds.

Also, since Matt Sato was eliminated in the group round as well, maybe he can pick up a sponsorship with ProActiv. Yeah, I know it was a cheap shot, but hey--y;all were thinking it, too! Don't deny it!

I was sad to see Bayley Brown get eliminated, especially since that other chick flirted all night. I mean, I know Bayley was a little stuck on herself, but she did have a pretty voice. But I cannot stress enough how important it is to remember your words! I really thought that the girl with the brown hair and green shorts should have been the only one left standing in that group.

Speaking of forgetting your words, I haven't seen anything impressive with Sundance Head. He's like this sweaty, screaming mess, and I want to take a shower after watching him perform--and not in the good way, like with Constantine.

Well, y'all--that's all I can remember, except that they didn't show enough Chris Sligh. Got to get behind the boy from Greenville!

The Top 40 gets whittled down to the Top 24 tonight! Woo Hoo!



rangeley f. said...

I love the guy from Greenville too! Not because he is from our state, but because he is good…in a different way. I love the people who are different. I don’t want somebody to win who is average. I promise Sundance Head is good. I agree he wasn’t good last night, but he was so good the first time we saw him. I know you missed it. I still believe in him and I think he is going to surprise us. Thanks for the recap!

Mandy said...

Yes I was really shocked that Bailey Brown got eliminated, she was really good. But hey you CANT forget your lyrics! PERIOD! At least that’s what they say, but they let one of her partners go past that and she forgot lyrics too! That had me really mad.

Hey Josie, you know who I think is going to go really far! Not sure yet if he will make it to the end, because the producers wont let us hear much of it. Our guy from SC, curly headed guy, I don’t even know his name, but he is the one that said in auditions that he was there to make David Hasselhof cry. Remember? Anyway I really wanted to hear his 30 seconds last night and they didn’t show it, but on the group part his whole group did excellent!

Oh, I see your last line about our SC boy...LOL

OK, I really have to get my work done :)

marnie said...

Hey Girlfriend!

Love it!

I meant to tell you "House is not a home" is a Dionne Warwick classic,
not sure but I think Burt Bacharach wrote it.

I heard Billy Joel might be the celebrity songwriter this year. Have
you heard any rumblings?

How about they bring Belinda Carlisle and the Go Gos, or Duran Duran.
Wouldn't that be COOL?