Wednesday, February 14, 2007

AI: Hollywood Week, 02/14/07

The Final 40! We'll get some high drama tonight! And even better, we'll get to see some of the performances that got edited out last night. Anyone else feel like an hour was just not long enough last night? I would have like two hours. Anyway, THIS is American Idol.

Wishing and Hoping for Our Votes:
Sanjaya: A little effeminate. Looks and sounds pained when he sings. I...just don't know. But I feel bad for him, about his sister. Maybe he'll grow on me in the next couple of weeks.
Melinda Doolittle: Oh, the Background Chick! I like her. If she does well, she'll have my votes for quite a while.
Brandon Rogers: Another background singer. I don't mean that in a derogatory way. He's really good, and I bet Paula loves him.
Gina Glockson: Finally! I get to vote for her! I am so happy. And I liked her outfit when she sang "When You Love A Woman". Ooh, Chris sang that last year. (
Hailey Scarnato: I don't care for her voice. Kinda screechy. And she is.
Phil Stacy: A nice voice, but I don't know if I like him. Does he come off cocky to y'all?
Chris Sligh: South Carolina, baby! WOOOOOO! Chris continues to be funny...and awesome. Richie says that he looks like a cross between Jack Osbourne and Sideshow Bob. How appropriate that he went to see the Simpsons movie.
Blake Lewis: The beat boxer, who really provided a vital part of Supergroup. I totally thought they were going to send him home, because we didn't see him sing.
Rudy Cardenas: He's got a wonky eye, but a nice voice. Also part of the Supergroup.
Paul Kim is superstitious and gross. Wash your underwear! Wear socks, at least! But his voice is great.
Jordin Sparks is young, but looks older. And her dad is a football player. I don't know how I know that, or if it's important. I like her voice, though.
A whole list of girls didn't make it, but it doesn't matter, because we've never seen them.
AJ Tabaldo is very nasal, and bugs me greatly. I bet he'll make it, just because American Idol wants me to cry.
Stephanie Edwards: Another "who?". She looks like Fantasia. Sings better.
Leslie Hunt is all breathy and looks like a deer int he headlights. I don't know about her. But she's cute.
Nicolas Pedro-- (VOTE FOR PEDRO!) Hahahaaha...not really. All these people are starting to sound the same to me. Whatever.
Alaina Alexander-- I think I kind of remember her. I can't remember that if I was impressed, though. Oh, I hate how they play with cats with lame mice. Oh wait, no. I LOVE IT when they play with them. Ouch--her Hollywood week was bad. BAAAAAD...and goaty. BYE BYE! WHAT? NO WAY! SHE WAS AWFUL!
Chris Richardson... I remember him from his audition, and I don't think that I liked him, then. Pardon me while I roll my eyes. Yuck, and so nasal!
Sabrina Sloan- Hmmm....I don't know her. I guess we'll get to know her, though...
Lakisha Jones- Oh, yeah, I remember her. She had the cute little girl! I really need to read my own recaps, to remember if I like these people or not. Good voice. Great voice, actually. And she works at a bank? *prays for her to make it so she won't have to work in the DEPTHS OF HELL at the bank.* And compliments from Simon? Wow.
Nicole Tranquillo is in, and deservedly so. I like her vocal quality
Jared Cotter- I don't remember him either.
Amy Krebbs- Wow, she needs a hot oil treatment. Her Hollywood hair is much better. And her voice is nice. I could listen to her more, and not get sick.

You can follow the Tracks of their Tears all the way back home:
Anna Kearns: or, The Tall Chick. Guess she should have confronted Simon after her elimination.
Bernard Williams: Never seen him. Doesn't matter.
Eric Davis - who?
Tami Gosnell
, the pedicab driver. I really liked her. NOT LIKE THAT!
Rueben 2.0 got cut! I feel robbed. And some other guy I've never seen. Not so robbed.
Thomas Lowe: I know he was part of Supergroup, but he's going home.
Jerome Chism...Joelle James...Matthew Buckstein...Princess Johnson.....

Head to head matchups:
Marisa Rhodes (super skinny and awesome voice) vs. Antonella Barber (cute but forgets words on the last day, and is also part of the BFF of DOOM--ugh, seriously, that girl Amanda was like your worst high school nightmare come to life!)...and word-forgetter ets to continue? WHAT? But no, come on, girl...don't go out this way, like Chris Daughtry during Elvis week with all the "it doesn't make sense, logically". And trust me, you are no Chris Daughtry.

Sundance Head vs. Tommy "the hair" Ididn'tgethislastname....Sundance wins. And Tommy teeters between sportsmanlike gentleman and complete butthole. Not that I can blame him. I thought his performances were stronger than Goatee Boy.

Finally--we get to actively participate in choosing an American Idol! Unfortunately, there's no real standouts to get excited about.

See you next week!

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