Thursday, January 25, 2007

AI Auditions: New York, NY 01/24/2007

I don't have a recap for y'all today. I came into the show late (about 8:30), and when I asked Richie what I missed, he said nothing. When I pressed further, he said "BOOORRRRING." And as I watched, I realized, "Oh my goodness. He's right." So--no recap. I couldn't bear to put y'all through another boring recap because of this boring audition season. I mean, how many times can I say, "Oh, they're really bad" or "Oh, who taught you how to dress"?

Instead, I'm turning it over to you, my lovely, wonderful, fantastic readers. I have two questions for you all:

1. Who did you love last night? (I actually liked Opera Girl, and Quitter Boy.)
2. If you were auditioning for American Idol, what would be your song? (It doesn't matter if you can sing or not--it's all for fun anyway. My song would be Carole King's "So Far Away" and the hymn "His Eye Is On The Sparrow"."

I want to hear from you!


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