Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fall television

OK, y' that the new television season is under way, let me tell you all what I am watching.

What I am loving:
Heroes (Mondays @ 9, NBC)--It reminds me of why I loved Buffy and X-Men. If you missed out on the Buffy heyday, or if you just miss Buffy, please check this out. It even has a blonde cheerleader.

Project Runway (Wednesdays @ 10, Bravo)--Yes, I still have this on here, even though there are only two episodes left. But--that's how I got into it. During a marathon, I saw the last couple of shows and was enthralled. Sure my love for fashion has been well documented, but it's really the drama and the comedy of these talented people that keeps me coming back. And of course, if you have witnessed the unparalleled Tim Gunn, please check this out. He's fabulous.

The Office (Thursdays @ 8:30, NBC)--I loved the second season all summer, so I could hardly wait to get into the third season live. It's a hard show to explain, other than it's written to be like a reality show--only it's much much bettter. And funnier. Also? The guy that plays Jim is my TV boyfriend. (Just don't tell Chris Daughtry, OK?)

Grey's Anatomy (Thursdays @ 9, ABC)--My mom recently said that Grey's Anatomy is to our generation what Dallas was to hers. I really don't think I need to herald my love for the show here, since we already have so many fans. But if you haven't seen it--SHAME!!! Also, every guy on there is steaming hot. (OK, maybe not George. But he's like the little brother you always wanted. And maybe not the Chief, unless you're into that Daddy-complex thing. I am not.)

What I am wishing would get better:

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (Mondays @ 10, NBC)--*sigh* I had such high hopes. I am really hoping that it gets better. From the getgo, I cared about the characters on The West Wing. Studio 60? Eh, not so much. The bright spots in the show are Matthew Perry (who has lost all traces of Chandler Bing, and for me, a HUGE Chandler Bing fan to say that, is HUGE.) and of course, Mr. Bradley Whitford, who makes me go "guuuuh" for reasons that I cannot explain. Although, watching him makes me REALLY miss The West Wing. Make me care, Aaron Sorkin! Make me care!

What I am wishing I could see but I have to put Cathryn to bed:

Ugly Betty (Thursdays @ 8, ABC)--I have heard so many good things about this, plus y'all know how much I love fashion magazines. And Television Without Pity totally loves this show. And they don't like a lot of shows. I did hear that they were going to rerun them on ABC Family, so I've got to go Google that and make sure it's for real.

What are y'all watching?


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