Thursday, September 21, 2006

Update--what I've been watching

Monday, I watched (for the first time on network television) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Of course, since I had also seen it on YouTube and AOL, there were no suprises to me, but I loved it just as much the third time as I did the first. However, it did make me very eager for next week's episode, and I've resolved to myself that I will not go hunting on the Internet for leaked video or spoilers of any kind. Those of you who know me, know that this will be a very difficult resolution or me to keep, because I keep regular tabs on spoilers for Grey's Anatomy and Gilmore Girls. Heck, when American Idol airs, I go searching for spoilers on the next week's theme so I can speculate what the contestants will be singing.

Tuesday, I watched the performance episode of Dancing With The Stars. I think I've found a show (much like So You Think You Can Dance) that's too cheesy even for me. It was unbearable, and watching Joey Lawrence with a shaved head, performing a dance routine from when he was five was too much for me to take. Sorry to all those who like the show, but I just have a hard time watching celebrities perform on stage, which is probably why I also couldn't get into Celebrity Duets.

I normally watch Project Runway on Wednesdays, but last night was a repeat of last week's episode, so I took the time to fold laundry. Next week, though, there'll be a new episode with the Final Four of Laura, Uli, Michael, and Jeffrey, who will be whittled down to the Final Three. So close to seeing their collections at Fashion Week. (OK, fine, you got me. I've already seen them on Blogging Project Runway.)

Today is Thursday, which means that I have to get Cathryn asleep by 8:30 so that I can watch the season premier of The Office, and of course, Grey's Anatomy. I don't know which cliffhanger I am more amped to see resolved: Pam and Jim's hookup at Casino Night, or who Meredith will choose (McDreamy or her date, McVet) after her tryst with McDreamy (which my husband thinks is the funniest name in the world) at the Prom. If you didn't watch it last season, it's kind of hard to explain why there was a Prom at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be my television nights off, unless I catch an especially good episode of What Not To Wear. You know, because I have to rest up for the next week of viewing pleasure.


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