Thursday, August 24, 2006

Obsessions 08/24/2006

I've been away for what seems like forever. But I've been obsessed with getting Cathryn into kindergarten, which has been no small feat. Seems that she's reverting back to those baby days, complete with thumb-sucking. I wish she (and everyone else) could see the look on her face when she does something on her own, like going through the breakfast line at the cafeteria. Maybe in a few weeks when she's completely used to the idea of being a 'big girl' in kindergarten.

I normally have no complaints about my summer obsession, Project Runway. It's a fabulous, catty show, and if anyone loves fashion, they should check out Project Runway. Last night's challenge was for the "everyday woman" and they brought in the mothers and sisters of the contestants. They couldn't choose their own mother or sister, and most of the models/clients (save three) were plus-size. Now, people, I've been waiting for a plus-size challenge, because it's a concern close to my own heart, being a plus-size woman. If I could design clothes, I'd design gorgeous, sexy clothes for full-figured women. Lane Bryant does a good job, as does Avenue, but honestly? I like classic pieces, and they don't always offer modern-yet classic pieces. They sometimes lean a little too much into the trendy, or, as in Avenue's case, look a little dowdy. I don't want to look 17, but I don't want to look 57, either!

Anyway. I was excited about this challenge until I saw that none of the designers could actually design for the plus-sign woman. Like I said over at A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago, we all can't be Gucci and Prada and Versace, and design only for the uber-hip, uber-rich, and uber-thin set. Someone has to design gorgeous clothes for the size-14 set, too, because there are more of them on this planet than the size-2 set. Uli is one of my favorite designers, and she had a plus-size model. True, her design was the best of all the plus-size designs, but something about it said "tent" to me. Laura, another one of my favorites, had a thinner model (size 6 or 8, maybe), but designed something that would look great on an 80-something, not a 50-or 60-something. Michael, also one of my favorites, had a size 4-or6-size model, and he designed a gorgeous reversible shirtdress for his model. Honestly? I think that design could have worked beautifully on any of the plus-size models. Kayne created something nice for his model, who is a plus-size. It was a cute pair of capri pants, but the shirt looked so old for his model. It had a freaking hankerchief draped from it. Your model loves sparkle! Give her a v-neck to break up the line and adorn the neckline with rhinestones!

So, in conclusion, I was VERY disappointed with my favorite show last night.

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