Thursday, August 10, 2006

Obsessions 08/10/2006

I played with my new laptop until midnight last night (and I think I kissed Richie like 50 times), and even then I dreamed about it in my sleep. And my first thought upon waking was to check the Bravo website and download Bearshare. I fought the urge, though, and pressed on to get ready for work.

I sent my resume to The Georgetown Times, along with a very unusual cover letter. See, they're looking for a part-time Creative Writer in the Advertising Department. My friend Christy sent me the ad and told me I should be writing. That temptation I could not resist.

Richie bought me a new book on Saturday. "Pawleys Island" by Dorothea Benton Frank, my favorite author. It's so neat to read a book about somewhere that you know intimately, and to really hear the character's voices in your head. It's definitely a page-turner.

Watched Project Runway with Richie last night. Ok, so he slept through Project Runway while I watched it. You can always count on this show to give you the best soundbites. Last week, Bradley Baumkirshner came to the conclusion that his team leader Bonnie was being hard on him because "she didn't like his beard." This week, an argument erupted between three of the designers, and when the at-fault party tried to get approval from Mr. Michael Knight (no, not from Knight Rider), Michael said that he wasn't "Captain Save-A-Ho", which may be my most favorite PR quote ever, even over "It's a m***********g walkoff!" by one Mr. Daniel Vosovic. Did I mention how much I love this show?

Finally, I am very upset with ABC for shifting "Ugly Betty" to Thursdays at 8. I appreciate them wanting to pull from Grey's Anatomy's numbers, but I want to watch "The Office" at 8:30, and "Betty" lasts an hour. I may have to support "Betty" during the regular season and "The Office" (who already has strong numbers) during the hiatus. Bummer.


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