Wednesday, April 19, 2006

American Idol Performances 04/19/2006

The theme tonight is American Standards with guest mentor Rod Stewart, his Rachel Hunter-lookalike fiancee and cutie patootie son Alastair. It's no secret that I was hoping that Rod Stewart's appearance might mean a Rod Stewart theme--complete with Ace singing "Tonight's The Night" (because you know he would) and Taylor on "Maggie May" (because you know he would totally kill). But this is a theme that at least will allow us to hear some excellent songs, even if we have to suffer through Pickler warbling words she may or may not (and who really knows or cares anymore anyway?) understand.

Chris is singing Richie's favorite song in the whole wide world, Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World". Chris is looking spiffy tonight in his vest and pants, and for a minute I thought he was mocking Ace by going sleeveless, but in fact, had a short-sleeved button down under the vest. Whew. I was really worried. He's got this guitarist playing, and y'all, this is the way to open the show. The man can sing, and I really hope that all his detractors (I don't think we have any on the list here) sat up and listened to him tonight. Take that, detractors! The judges love him, and so do we.

Tonight, we can all safely say, will be a night that Paris shines. She sang Billie Holliday in her audition, and pulls her out again tonight, singing "These Foolish Things". Her extensions, by the way, are a very cute long ponytail that absolutely does not go with her crazy ode to Nancy Reagan pink suit. Who in the wardrobe department hates Paris? Maybe they were overcome with the "Paris Pain". Unfortunately, upon hearing this song, I am not plagued with "The Pain", because honeychild is singing this song so beautifully, you might mistake her for Billie. The judges are all over it, even Simon, and rightly so.

Taylor is singing "You Send Me" by Sam Cooke, a song that never fails to make me sing along, because it's filled with such rich lyrics. And Taylor does it justice. His voice is almost velvety smooth, and the performance starts off very subdued but finishes in classic Taylor style. Simon said it was "magic", and I agree with Mr. Cowell whole-heartedly. Magic, just magic.

Elliott, who I'm sure is feeling the pressure, is singing Bobby Darin's "It Had To Be You", and he's pulled out all the stops with taking it full-on crooner, wide lapels and all. Great singing, the nerves are gone (it seems), and I liked the performance. If I have any criticism, it would definitely be the width of those lapels on his jacket. He's a compact guy and those wings are overpowering him. The judges all agree that it was perfect song choice, with Simon saying that it lacked personality. Bottom Three is going to be tough tomorrow.

Kellie is singing Ella Fitzgerald's "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered". And I have to echo Paula here--the only nice thing I can say is that she looks pretty. Y'all know that I'm very hard on Kellie because of her "personality", but I'm quick to reward her if she pulls a good vocal, a la "Fancy" on country week or "Blame It On The Sun" for Stevie Wonder week. But y'all--even she admitted that she butchered it. For the first time, I think Ms. Pickler will see the Bottom Three.

Ace looks really strange in his pre-performance video, almost like he's wearing blush, and in the actual performance, he's got that glorious hair slicked back into the most pitiful ponytail ever. Ewwww. Ewwww. Ewwww. It makes him look so slimy. At least his suit is very nice. Looks aside, Ace is singing Mel Torme's "That's All". It's not bad as last week's boy-banded sexed-up version of "We Will Rock You", but doesn't come anywhere near country week's performance of "I Wanna Cry." Simon says "Not Bad", so I'm prediciting it now--Bottom Three, and going home.

Katharine, because this is her week, gets the pimp spot and totally blows me away with Gershwin's beautiful "Someone To Watch Over Me". I. Am. Breathless. Fabulous. I think this is her moment, her defining moment. I've caught McPheever all over again, and I totally agree with Simon when he said that she made the others look like good amateurs.

All in all, a good night. Goes to show you that the classics are classics for a reason.

Top Three: Taylor, Kat, Paris
Middle: Chris
Bottom Three: KELLIE (from my keyboard to God's heart), ACE, ELLIOTT
Going home: ACE


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