Friday, March 03, 2006

03/02/06 American Idol Eliminations, Round 2

First off, I have to tell y'all that I missed the big group sing, the recaps, and the banter with the judges. But I'm assuming that since the guys were featured with "Take It Easy" last week, that the girls sang. Am I correct in similarly assuming that, like their performances on Tuesday night, that this was just as mediocre? Someone reply and fill me in.

When Cathryn and I were able to sit down and watch, the very pretty Carrie Underwood was on stage with Ryan. And y'all...she was just gorgeous last night. Carrie really looked like a star. Entertainment Weekly did a pictorial on her appearances at Olympus Fashion Week in New York City, and bless her sweet heart, she went to like every singing runway show wearing clothes by the designer that was presenting. See, Carrie truly is very sweet, naive, and country. Pickler, are you paying attention? I retract my previous statements about Kellie being the "new" Carrie, because it's very apparent that Kellie does not possess the talent of Miss Underwood. And her little "Jesus Take The Wheel" is kind of a cute song.

Oh, wow...they just panned up to the balcony. Did Melissa MeGhee forget that tonight was elimination night? Because she looks like she just came back from a hunting trip or maybe some sidelining reconnaissance work for the Army, complete with throwaway ponytail. Poor, misguided Melissa.

Finally, we're on to the eliminations, and the girls are once again up first. The producers have them all lined up and in mixed order so that it's not as clear as it was last week which row is the "safe" row. Oh, Ryan going down the rows individually, starting with the top row. Lisa's safe, Ayla's safe (who I think I prefer with curly hair, but that's not my final opinion.), Katharine is safe (who looks supremely unconcerned with anyone's elimination but her own), Mandisa (my, my, my, doesn't she realize that top is not at all flattering on her?) is safe, and Kinnick is sent to the stage. On the bottom row, Brenna the Evil is sent to the stage, Kellie is safe, Paris (who looks 17 again) is safe, Heather (oh, bad crimping!) is sent the the stage, and Melissa is safe. Ryan tells us that all the girls left on the couch are safe until next week, and these three on stage are really the bottom three. I'm so glad they're eliminating this way--much less confusing.

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Brenna is headed homebound, baby! God is truly smiling down on us tonight. I am thrilled beyond belief.

Before the second girl is eliminated, Paula makes a dumb joke that no one gets, maybe not even Paula herself, and Heather looks for a minute that she could cut Paula, but it could just be nerves.

And the our second elimination is Heather. She sings "Hero" again, and I think that her elimination is due to the fact that the other girls were just better, as Heather has a pretty and clear voice.

After the commercial break, we see that the guys are up for elimination now, and Ryan is going through the same pattern with them. Bucky is safe, Ace is safe, Elliott is safe, Sway is sent to the stage, and Taylor is safe. Before I go on, did anyone else notice how Ryan was completely torturing the guys, asking them how they think they did and if they think they're in the Bottom Three. That's cruel, Seacrest! David is sent to the stage, Chris, Gedeon, and Will are all safe as little Kevin is sent to the stage. I totally agree with this Bottom Three, because even though I love Chicken Little immensely, I'm not stupid enough to presume that he's the next American Idol, or even belongs in the Top 12.

Oh-ho! Frank Sinatra can finally rest in his grave as David is eliminated. Now, if you will excuse me...


Thank you for your considerate waiting as I did my happy dance. Ayla just had the best look on her face as David assaulted Frank and me one last time. It was like, "Hmm. Too bad for you. But, that's the game. I wonder what would show case my vocals for Tuesday? I wonder if I should try something upbeat?" Paris looks like she just got eliminated, she's crying so much. But it would really be funny if David cried.

Ok, y'all, it's official. Paula is so drunk tonight. And possibly high. What is up with her rolling all over the table and laughing like a crazy person. I'm slightly concerned for Paula. Ok, so I'm not. Whatever.

Our final elimination tonight is Sway. And though I don't think that Sway was the worst singer, I didn't care for him like Kevin, so I'm pretty pleased that he's going home.

Overall, a good show, and I'm going to make my predictions for next week's eliminations:
Girls: Kinnick and Melissa
Boys: Kevin and Bucky (shocking, I know!)

Until next week....toodles!

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