Wednesday, March 01, 2006

03/01/06 American Idol Semi-Finals#2 Guys

So, we can all agree that the girls pretty much alternately either sucked or hid their potential under a rock. And tonight? Maybe like four good performances. So disappointing.

Taylor takes the stage first, and sings "Easy" by The Commodores. I love this song, I am ashamed to say, and was thrilled when Levis used it in their commercials. Anyway, Taylor sang the crap out of this song and was just great, despite having a few shaky moments. In the middle of his song, Richie bursts out with a declaration of "smooth", and I can tell that everyone in the house is really enjoying themselves. Go GrayMan, go!

Second is the very soulful Elliot Yamin. Like Katharine McPhee, his voice is like coffee to me, and though I have no idea what song he's singing, I enjoy the heck out of it. I think he totally deserves to be in the Top 12, even though he doesn't "look like a star". I love that he really feels what he's singing, and he obviously chooses songs that mean something to him.

Next is Ace, singing "If You're Not The One" by Daniel Bedingfield. I really don't like this song, because I think it's kinda boring and draggy but that's just me. He's made for this song, and has a very nice voice, so of course he's just going to sail right through to the top without my measly little vote. Besides, I'm not in his demographic, and he knows it, and we have an understanding. So pretty to look at...except for the face of constipation when he hit that high note. I literally fell off the barstool in my kitchen watching that face. So, so awesome.

Fourth is Gedeon McKinney, fake as fake can be, singing Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come". Gedeon's a real showboat, and I don't mean that as a compliment, because like his female counterpart Lisa, he's a little robot and has no feeling for what he's singing. He's just out there because he loves to be on stage. Has no one noticed that he's just as spastic as Taylor, but lacking his talent? Anyway, his voice is nice, but I just can't get into the performance because he's into enough for my whole family.

Did Ryan just say that Kevin Covais is going to sing Marvin Gaye after the break? How awesome would it be if little Kevy broke out with "Let's Get it On" or "Sexual Healing"? I would so power vote for him if he did. However, this being American Idol and it being a family show, sweet little Kevin sings "I Heard It Through The Grapevine", and I think that his head does kind of remind me of a grape. Chicken Little really worked that song, though, hopefully shaking off the chains of Anthony Federov comparisons forever. Will get my vote just for sheer cuteness. And to piss Simon off, because he has such a double standard. How is Kevin likeable, but it's not enough to get him through, and yet we're punched in the face repeatedly by Kellie's "likeability", and it's making her a star in the judges eyes? Oh, that's right. Kellie is "hot".

Why is Sway here? He has yet to prove to anyone that he has a great voice. He's singing the waaaay overdone "Castles of Love" by Stevie Wonder. I'm done. Have nothing more to say about him.

Will Makar looks a little like he's at a school recital singing "Lady" by Kenny Rogers. Funny side note: When my cousin Darlene got married, she sang "The Rose" to her groom Lee at the altar. In return? He sang "Lady", so I can't hear this song and not think about Lee singing this song, and how the whole time during the wedding, I was singing Debbie Gibson in my head. Give me a break, I was twelve. Back to reality--I think Willie Boy does a great job with the song, and has a rich tone to his voice, but the judges don't like it. Of course, he's the "Sweet One" in the boy band made up of Chris (Bad Boy Rocker), Ace (The Hot One), and himself, so girls (myself included) will be flocking to the phones to keep him on their screen.

Hey...does anyone else wonder while watching this if there's an "Applause", "Boo", and "Squee!" sign that lights up off camera to egg the audience on? Just thought I'd throw that out there.
Next is Rockingham native Bucky Covington, who may have bathed tonight, and is singing Garth Brooks' "The Thunder Rolls" with incredible coherency. I'm so excited for him. I can tell that he's still nervous, because his pitch is off and his eyes are darting back and forth like he might throw up or something. I'm concerned for Bucky. Take a pill dude, it's singing, and it's not like you can actually see the 30 million people watching you. Just concentrate on the ones in front of you. Maybe I'm harsh on him because that's what I would do, and I'm just jealous that it's not me up there.

When David comes up, it's obvious that he hates me personally, and strives to hurt me. He's totally raping Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight", which is a great song but totally DOES NOT BELONG IN THIS COMPETITION. You know what I'd love? For David to say something about Bucky's mama, because you know that Bucky'd wail on his scrawny behind. Ha, ha...such joy I get from imagining this fight while I tune out David's assault on my eardrums.
Ahhh...this is what I've been waiting for all night. Chris and his awesome, gorgeous self is singing "Hemorrhage" by Fuel. Now, I have never heard this song before, but my good heavens, that boy does a great job with it. I can't tear my eyes away from the screen to even write down his number (which was busy for almost two hours). He's hypnotic to watch; absolutely mesmerizing.

I voted for Chris (duh!), Elliott, Kevin, Taylor, and Will.
Going home (I hope, hope, hope) are David and Sway.
'Til tomorrow!

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