Thursday, April 01, 2010

American Idol Season 9, Episode 27: Results

Today's recap of last night's result show is going to be brief. Mostly because I have a headache this morning, and I wasn't really feeling the recaps this week. I was much more interested in reading with Cathryn last night, and hanging out with Richie and our friends Tuesday night.

In short: Ruben Studdard continues to be the most likable, adorable, and humble contestant that American Idol has ever seen. The idea of Ruben and Clay Aiken going on tour together makes me all kinds of happy inside. Don't you just want to giggle uncontrollably at the idea? It's a brilliant idea, actually.

I did not care for either Usher's performance or Diddy's performance. There. I said it.

Bottom Three: Katie Stevens, DiDi Benami, and Tim Urban. This was a perfectly acceptable bottom three to me. If we were going by pure logic, in that who has been in the bottom three the longest should go home, then Tim Urban's number was up, having been in the bottom three every week since Top 12 Results night. Also, that would mean Katie should go next week. But, alas, seeing DiDi up there tells me that she is going to be the one to go, and I was so right. Did I want Tim Urban to leave the competition because he is working my LAST nerve with his terrible performances and warbly vocals? Oh, my, yes. But am I distraught that DiDi was sent home? No, it was totally her time because she clearly was not going to win over Crystal, Michael, Siobhan, and Lee.

Next week: The Lennon/McCartney Songbook. Um, didn't they use this same theme the first two weeks of Season 7? I don't see how this can turn out well at all.


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