Thursday, March 25, 2010

American Idol Season 9, Episode 25: Results

Last night, when the Results show opened, I couldn't even concentrate on the visuals because of Miley's voice. She's precious, don't get me wrong, but does anyone else have the overwhelming compulsion to tell her to take something for that dreadful cold? She sounds so stuffy.

Did the judges use the save? This IS American Idol!

Was the group sing, Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" lip-synced? Almost definitely, but for the first time, I just didn't care. That performance was a thing of awesomeness. The choreography so cheesy, the harmonies so tight in places (well, that's actually a good thing) that I just could not keep myself from grinning. I want that performance in my pocket for rainy days.

The Ford music video for "Our Time Now" was so uninspired that it doesn't even warrant mentioning, but I guess I kinda have to, since it was part of the show. The contestants drove to a fountain in their Ford Fiestas, threw in buckets of plastic balls, then drove away. Oh, and they left Andrew behind.

Ryan mixed things up and instead of just sending one to the chairs, he sent two. No, not Casey and Lee (boy that scared me!) but Paige and Tim, who were also in the Bottom Three last week.

Miley Cyrus performed "When I Look At You", her latest single and also the song from her new movie, "The Last Song". Told you all the mentoring was for movie promotion. Sometimes, it pays to be a cynic. At least she didn't lip-sync, because that irks me. Her white satiny dress was pretty, but it was a little too loose on her, and I couldn't see the neckline for all that hair of hers. I wondered briefly if it was all hers, or if it was mostly extensions. Speaking of her hair, Miley has this thing about flipping her hair and head--banging. She did it so much at her concert in Columbia that I began to half-wonder if it was a security blanket kind of thing, you know, to cover up her nervousness. Odd.

The third contestant Ryan sent to the chairs--Katie Stevens. I was seriously shocked by that announcement. But, then Ryan eased all our fears and sent Katie right back the couch.

I did not enjoy any part of the Joe Jonas/Demi Lovato performance "Make A Wave". Was it even about anything? What are they even doing? Promoting Camp Rock 2? I couldn't understand any part of it, and I can pretty much understand most songs. What an overworked, over-sung piece of fluff that was. I think Demi forgot half her words and made up for it by grinning and singing lots of runs and riffs. Ugh.

When the pain of that performance was over, Ryan told us that it was Paige Miles that was being sent home, and Simon immediately told her that they would not be using the Judge's Save. She sang the show out with "All Right Now", and I will really miss her. She was amazingly talented but was ultimately brought down by poor song choice.

Next week theme's, STRAIGHT FROM RYAN'S MOUTH, is Soul and R&B, as mentored by Mr. Smooth and Cool himself, Usher.

One last thing--I have the most awesome readers in the world. My friend Niki read my post yesterday and sent me my own mini-Ryan with this message:"Okay, so if Amazon wasn't out of these when I just tried to order it, you would HAVE your very own Ryan Seacrest to sit on your your brand new built in bookcase. Sorry for the disappointment. It doesn't look that much like him anyway....better luck next time! Love you! Niki"

Thanks, Niki! I didn't even know these existed!


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