Friday, March 27, 2009

When The Spoke Fits The Wheel

I am constantly and wonderfully blown away by my children's choir. They are enthusiastic. They listen to what I teach them. They beg for parts. It truly is a dream come true. Or, should I say, an answered prayer.

I do not know what I would do without my helpers. Niki helps me lead them in song (FYI--she also leads music for Chapel at Pawleys Island Christian Academy), and Melanie and Devin help keep the kids in order so that I can teach. It's always a great thing to have at least four adults in the room.

Last night, I introduced to them the last song that they need to know for their concert in May. It's a medley of two praise choruses, "I Sing Praises to Your Name/I Love You, Lord", and I've rewritten it a little bit for them to sing the last verse of "I Love You, Lord" acapella, and in a round. They were apprehensive at first, because they'd never sung in a round before, but once we placed them into groups and demonstrated how to sing a round, they did it perfectly on the first try! Y'all, that's God at work.

They were also excited to hear that they'll be singing Easter Sunday morning. Now I just need to pick out a song. They're so good, though, that only having two weeks won't be any problem for them.

God's work in my life, in our lives, constantly amazes me. He is perfect in His wisdom, and perfect in His timing.

Romans 8:28, y'all. Seriously. I see it more and more everyday.

Also? It was totally Sarver's turn to leave last night. No tears have been shed over his departure.


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