Monday, March 09, 2009

Weekend News--abbreviated version

We had a really good weekend. Richie went to the IP Classic and watched some baseball, Cathryn played outside with the dog in the great weather, and I cleaned out Trey's room! Of course, I couldn't clean out everything, because some things are sentimental, and he might want them. He certainly was chivalrous about letting me use his closet for Cathryn's Spring/Summer clothes; this way I can keep her winter stuff hanging up! YAY--no packing things away!

Had a wonderful time Sunday. Went to Sunday School and service, and it was nice, sitting out in the congregation with Richie. If I had sung in the choir, I would have been able to walk down and sit with Richie anyway, but I really just wanted to sit with him through the whole service. After service, we went over to Tracey's for lunch, and she had a spread put out for us--hamburgers, BBQ, baked beans, potato salad, greasy brown rice, and macaroni and cheese with ice cream for desert. We all ate ourselves silly, and would have stayed longer if I didn't need to get back for evening service.

Boy am I glad that I did attend evening service! Gena, the minister of music at Ringel Heights, asked me to sing a song at Graves Station's revival Tuesday night! This is my first time singing solo at a revival, so I'm a little nervous, but also very excited. I think service starts at 7pm. Pray for me!


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