Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big Announcement

I know that I haven't posted in a month, but that's because so many other things have taken priority. I'll talk about all the things I've been doing in the last month, like writing the novel, in later posts, but right now I have a big announcement.

"The Christmas County Spelling Bee" is going to be broadcast live on! The play will begin at 6pm this Sunday, December 14. Once it has been broadcast, the performance will be archived for later viewing.

This is such a big thing for our choir. Hopefully, it will give folks a chance to see it who can't quite make it in to Georgetown that night.

Will post more soon, and wow, this blogging thing is like riding a bike and I'm a little wobbly.


1 comment:

Kim Eckhardt said...

It's hard to write a short story when you've been writing War and Peace! Go Josie!!!! :)