Monday, October 27, 2008

USCL vs. Upstate Mavericks

A few weeks ago, the family headed up to Gaffney (all the way up in the upstate of South Carolina, at the very tippy-top of the state) for a baseball tournament at Limestone College. USC-Lancaster played a team called the Upstate Mavericks. Here are a few photos from the day.

Trey leaning against the fence, talking with us before warming up for the game.

Trey and Chris warming up before the game.

I love watching Trey warm up and take infield. He is so focused on what he's doing. He is totally in the zone.

I shouldn't love this picture as much as I should. It looks like he's dancing. But when you think about it--Trey is incredibly graceful and quick on his feet. On first base, his movements are so fluid and rhythmic, watching Trey play is like watching a dancer perform. It's just that the stages are different.

Ah, the requisite "Trey in the Fence Diamond" photo. I just can't seem to blog about Trey without having one. I love it! It's like the most appropriate frame ever.

Trey at first base, taking infield.

Even though this is "just" taking infield, Trey gives it his all. In this photo (one of my favorites), he scoops the ball from the dirt and throws it to second base.

In the next set of photos, I'd like to illustrate something called the "Trey shuffle", which is what Trey does after he's taken a cut at the ball, or steps away from home plate because he doesn't like the ball that was thrown:

Trey watched the pitcher throw a ball into the dirt, so he...

...backs away from the plate, swings his bat a couple of times...

...readjusts his batting gloves...

...and gets back into his stance. I love it!

Trey ended up getting walked at that at-bat.

Ha ha, he's looking at me like, "Really, Josie? Another picture? You're as bad as Grandma now!" Yes, Trey, I am. AND PROUD OF IT. You only get these moments every once in a while, so you've got to capture them when you can.

Hope to see you again soon, Number 26! I'll be there with my camera.


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