Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More weekend photos

It was unbearably hot on Saturday at the first set of games, so most of the pictures I took were of Trey. However, I did get a few nice shots.

Trey's Grandma Toni and I had to practically chase Trey down for pictures. He's become quite skilled at hiding, but a very nice teammate of Trey's rounded him up for us. This is Shawn Thomas, another of Trey's teammates who transferred from Coker College.

More of Trey's teammates pop into the frame. They just seem to get along so well! The team really seems to have a great dynamic. At one point, Toni and I could hear Trey cracking jokes and making the team laugh--right where he loves to be.

We also had the luck to meet Trey's girlfriend, Anna Catoe. She was a joy to meet because she is smart, funny, and so easy-going. Anna also has the cutest accent. They look really happy together, and I believe that she and Trey have a lot in common. Plus, I believe she's got Trey figured out. Richie and I like her. A lot.

For me, this photo was the highlight of the weekend. Richie sat right behind home plate in the heat, getting sunburned like you would not believe, waiting for Trey to take the field. When Trey did take the field, let's just say there was an influx of emotion on our side of the fence. This photo was taken on Sunday, after the first game of the day.

Don't let this picture trick you. Katie and Cathryn get along very well. Katie, like Trey does not enjoy taking pictures. Cathryn, as has been evidenced through this blog, lives for the camera. Katie is Cathy's niece, and she is twelve. She thinks of Cathryn like a real live doll, and Cathryn is more than happy to comply because she really looks up to Katie.

And of course, Cathryn got bored (even though she had her Nintendo DS AND her Barbies), and decided to roll in the grass and climb trees:

Posing. See what I mean? LIVES for the camera.
The next two, however, were candid:

Another case in point: she begins to climb the tree, and her Aunt Rosa asks her why she's doing it. Her answer? "So my mom will take a picture of me!"

Of course, I complied. What choice did I have?

A great weekend all around for everyone. Looking forward to more.



Kim Eckhardt said...

The second one of Cathryn is the grass is awesome. That's definitely frame worthy. :)

Lynn said...

I agree with Kim, that is a great picture of Cathryn.

Good for Trey!! I'm glad he is doing great at USC Lancaster.

The Shumards said...

I love the candid pictures of Cathryn much better than when she poses!! They are so sweet and you really see Cathryn in them!! GO TREY!!