Tuesday, September 16, 2008

College Gameday (Baseball Edition)

Well, folks, the day finally came.

Trey officially became a college baseball player on Saturday, September 13th, which, coincidentally enough, was his 19th birthday.

As is the norm for Trey, he was not thrilled about having his picture taken. This time, his Grandma Toni and I were both on site to be his personal paparazzi. Hey--he has his own entourage, so why not?

He was, however, generous enough to take a photo with his sister, and later, some of his friends jumped in, but that is another post! It was really sweet to find out from Trey's girlfriend Anna that he talks about her all the time. Trey and Cathryn have a special bond.

Trey taking some infield practice. I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but I saw Trey putting out the first base bag, making sure *his* base was taken care of. I'm telling y'all, they'll have to pry that position away from his dead, cold hands.

The team "bringing it in" before the game gets started.

Trey was also determined to get his old number back, 26, although he said that he would have been happy with 17 as well, which was his Legion number, as well as his Uncle Jason's.

Warming up to take the plate.

Disgusted because he was hit by a pitch on his first at bat! He wanted to hit the ball!

Trey is such a phenomenal first baseman. His footwork is like no one else's that I've seen. Unfortunately, he didn't get to see a lot of action at his base this weekend. A few more shots of him in the field:

Trey got him out! Unfortunately, at Trey's next at bat, he was given the "hit and run" sign, which basically means that you need to sacrifice yourself to move the other players over. Trey, ever being the total player that he is, did just that, and didn't see much else action on Saturday.

Sunday was a different story. Trey's first at bat brought him a double! Here he is running to first base.

On second base. Prior to this, the whole family was cheering and I was screaming "Run, boy! Run!"

The team congratulating him on a job well done after he crossed home plate.

It was amazing to watch him play college baseball. Sure, it's a brand-new program, but he's waited for a long time to see this happen. Watching him with his teammates is so much fun. Trey is so confident and at ease with himself out there, and he looks like he's found a place where he can belong.

Which, when you come right down to it, isn't that what we all want?

Congrats, Trey-Bo. We're keeping our fingers crossed for you in Florence next weekend.


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Kim Eckhardt said...

Happy Birthday, Trey!

And, I love the pictures. They're awesome! :)