Thursday, September 04, 2008

First Practice

I had all ideas that last night's practice was not going to be a good one. Wednesday was not shaping up to be a very good day at all. The office was busy for starters, because it was the third of the month. Then, Leslie called, telling me that we weren't going to be able to use the gym because AWANA had the floor painted. Lastly, because we were so busy, I wasn't able to leave the office until 5:10, making me skid into church at 5:30 without any time to set up the classroom.

Once I got to church, though, my mood began to lift. The gym was partially blocked off, but there was room for the kids to eat, and Leslie would serve them through the kitchen. We kept them in the choir room upstairs, and when it's time for me to quiet them down to say grace, it normally takes me a little while because they're so rambunctious. But last night, I only had to count to 3, and they were silent and ready to pray. They didn't push and shove in line. When it was time to clean their tables and line up for class, they did so quickly. They took their seats in the choir room, listened when I spoke, and then, when I started to play the music, THEY SANG.

THEY SANG! They sang, and they asked the appropriate questions once we were done singing. Then they sang again, and because they listened to my instruction, their singing was even more improved! I told them that I was so happy and proud that I could have done a cartwheel. Well, they put the challenge out there, and I'm never one to back down from a challenge. More about that later.

After they were finished singing, it was Leslie's turn to lead the class, and she had a fun paper activity for them to work on. I had to step outside the room for a moment, but when I came back, the room was silent. SILENT. It's never been silent before. Y'all you could have heard a pin drop in that room. It was glorious. I almost cried. I was most definitely ver klempt.

Now, about that cartwheel. When class was over, Leslie and I took them out to the side lot, and I did not one, but TWO cartwheels. The kids went nuts, because who knew that a 31-year old woman, their choir teacher nonetheless could still do, not one, but TWO cartwheels? Leslie took photos AND video of the event. I promise to post them as soon as she gets them to me.

I went home tired and a little sore (should've stretched first), but overall, so so happy. Next week, they'll probably act like wild animals, but hey--at least we'll always have the memory of last night to keep us warm.


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