Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Cathryn makes a new friend

I am incredibly behind in my blogging! I still have so much more to share!

In August, Trudie, my best friend from high school came to visit. She brought her mother, Vivian, and her daughter Sabrina, who is three month older than Cathryn.

Funny story--Trudie and I did everything within three months of one another. Engaged, married, and expecting. The girls had never met so we thought it would be fun to get them together.

Trudie and I were so excited, but not really surprised, to see how well the girls hit it off. They ran, giggled, and watched movies at Trudie's Grandpa Rogerson's house.

Here the girls have moved into the dining room, and are wearing the earphones to better hear the movie. Another thing Sabrina and Cathryn have in common--like their mothers, they immediately take off their shoes upon entering almost anywhere. Barefoot is better!

The girls also discovered that they each had an obsession with The Phantom of The Opera. Here they are singing. Look at all those movies! I think they watched snippets of them all!

Sabrina and Cathryn at our house. Trudie told me that Sabrina loves to play dress-up, and if it wasn't already clear that these two were a match made in Heaven, well, that should have been my clue! The girls played until 11 at night, while Richie, Trudie, and I sat in the living room and caught up. On the way back to Andrews, Cathryn sacked out in the backseat, but Sabrina was still going strong. It was so wonderful to see the girls get along the way they did. I wish we had more time to get them together.

I wanted to take pictures of me with Trudie, but for some reason, it was never the right time. And suddenly, it was time for them to go back to Missouri. They'll be back, and when they are, I'll be ready with my camera!

Love you, Trude!


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