Monday, July 07, 2008

July 3 photo dump

This is my first photo dump, I believe. I feel kind of guilty that I don't have a long, detailed post about these, but maybe I can come up with something for each one.

I will say that I had an awesome birthday, my best in years. I woke up in a great frame of mind, and as soon as I woke up, Richie sang me "Happy Birthday". I knew it was going to be a good day.

Enjoy my birthday pics!

Me and my favorite sister, Tracey. She didn't want to take this picture, which is why she looks like she wants to murder me instead of be happy for me on my birthday.

Richie took this of me and Cathryn. Look how incredibly shiny my hair was on my birthday! I was very pleased. And Cathryn turned her adorable up to 11 here.

Me with Mama and Cathryn. I don't have very many like this, so it's one of my favorites, despite Cathryn looking a little deranged.

She was really full of herself, wasn't she?

The kid was born posing, I believe.

Aren't Richie and Cathryn cute in this picture? You can tell they're laughing at something and so happy. However...

Cathryn made me retake the picture because she wanted to sit on Richie's other leg. I don't why she does the things she does. Honestly.

My sewing machine! I bought all the supplies Sunday, but because I'm doing this post, I have not tried it out yet. Honestly? I'm excited but a little bit intimidated.

This is what I walked into on Thursday morning. I love it!

My cake! Paula at Cupcake Betty's did an AWESOME job. The top layer was red velvet, and the bottom yellow cake. And all of it was DELICIOUS. It took us no time to devour.

Cathryn got her library card on the 3rd. Of course, she picked out all Junie B. Jones books. I'm so proud of how excited she is about it.

Maybe I'll even write something next time.



stacy o. said...

Hooray for horizontal stripes! Girl, you are skinny!

BTW--that has to be the coolest birthday cake I have ever seen.

twcasselman said...

Hey Josie,
I found you blog by looking on Paula's comments on her blog. Your daughter is precious and you look great!! You were right when you said you had a great seem very blessed. I have recently started blogging...check it out and tell me what you think. It takes a few posts to get the feel for writing like you and the other bloggers that I find so fun to read.