Thursday, April 10, 2008

Josie and the Blustery, Flusterating Day.

I think American Idol hates me. I don't know why--I've loved it for so long. Another of my favorites--gone tonight! I'm reeling. Ooh--I know how to fix this!


There. Let's see what happens next week. *fingers crossed*

Also? My Wednesday was...interesting. And towards the end, quite stressful. First, I got the news that I was still going to be the Music Leader for VBS, even though we have a new Minister of Music. In fact, he's going to be my assistant. I spoke with him briefly after choir practice, and he's cool about it. I think it's just me being weirded out by having the Minister of Music be my assistant. Hopefully, I'll get over that by July 13.

One of my children's choir practice lowered the boom on me last night that one of the kids, who has a speaking part AND two solos, has a baseball game the night of the musical--May 14. I got home late--which I don't like--and was very flustered. I just had no idea what to do!

When I woke up this morning, I began making a list--call Leslie, call the Pastor, etc. Thankfully, Leslie was Ok with the idea of pushing the play back until Wednesday the 21st, and so was the Pastor. Tomorrow, I'll start calling my choir parents, and hopefully, they'll all be amenable to a change in the program.

It's like I told Leslie today--the Christmas play went too smoothly. Talking to the Pastor today, I realized that when a ministry starts to grow, the devil will do everything he can to knock the legs out from under it. Well, I'm not going to let that happen. The show WILL go on.

Even if it's a week behind schedule.


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The Shumards said...

That is right Josie, we will fight to the death before we let the devil take over this musical. God has honored it too much and we have all worked to hard to have that happen. God is still in control and He knows why it must be pushed back, He will work out the details!!!