Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Dictionary for Children's Choir Workers

In my never-ending quest to become a better children's choir, I came across this funny list.

* Amnesia: what all children with speaking parts get the night of the musical
* Budget: what taught you to rob from Peter to pay Paul
* Cassette player: the only audio unit available for use when all you have is a CD for accompaniment
* Calendar: what always changes after you have your parent letters printed
* CD player: the only audio unit available for use when all you have for an accompaniment is a cassette
* Choir Attendance Awards: what parents want even if their children did miss half the rehearsals
* Choir teachers: able to walk on water, multiply snacks, and leap tables and chairs in a single bound; able to move faster than a speeding bullet, and recognize hidden talent which others can’t see
* Ministers of Music: able to recognize children…. Most of the time
* Music order: what always arrives late, and is delivered to janitorial supply closet
* Rehearsal time: what there is never enough of!
* Slipped disc: what you get from doing fun songs with crazy motions
* Sixth graders: those creatures who help your choir have a wonderful sound but sometimes require vitamins to motivate
* Steeple chase: the race to get to church on time for choir
* Sunday School all night parties: what always happens for some group of children the night before a Saturday morning musical dress rehearsal


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