Thursday, March 27, 2008


This is what happens when you reveal your favorite contestant on American Idol. It happens every year since Season Three. So, I am not going to tell anyone my favorite any longer. It's a secret from now on.

Sheesh. I am so bummed that Chikeze was voted off "American Idol" last night. I completely disagreed with two of the Bottom Three. Neither Syesha nor Chikezie deserved to be there, because I really believe that they are two of the best vocalists of the group, but I guess good vocals are hard to compete with the hormones of millions of texting female girls keeping Jason Castro and David Archuleta alive. Kristy Lee Cook did not deserve to be in the Bottom Three, but honestly, this is the very first time. Besides, the hordes of country fans are not going to let their only country singer in the competition fall away. Ramiele must have one heck of a fanbase, much like Jasmine Trias in Season Three, because her performances are just not what they could be. Why wasn't she in the Bottom Three? Oh, well, can't change anything now. We'll just look forward to Dolly Parton as a mentor next week.

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