Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

As much as the Christmas season gives me the warm fuzzies, Easter weekend always fills me with a sense of hope and wonder, and of new beginnings. Winter has ended, and life is springing up all around us. The sun is out, the breeze is blowing and the weather is warm. Trey surprised us by coming home early since his classes were canceled for Good Friday. Friday evening, Richie, Cathryn and I (Trey had previous plans) went to my mom's for an Easter Egg Hunt. Several people were there, like my sister Tracey and her husband, Harry, along with Tracey's longtime friend Mark, who brought his precious nephew Patrick (who I think had the tiniest crush on Cathryn). Another of Tracey's friends, Jennifer, was there with her boyfriend Dan, and their two little girls, Alyssa and Emme. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera, so no pictures. But trust me, a good time was had by all.

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. First, we went to the Easter Egg Hunt at Screven. Cathryn mostly socialized and ended up with only nine eggs, then she was slightly miffed when she didn't win the Prize Egg or the prize for Most Eggs. I had to hide my smile, and tell her it was because she didn't actually look for eggs.

Cathryn had very specific ideas about how she wanted to look on Saturday. She wanted to wear pink, because she wanted to wear that pink necklace, and she also was adamant about the Princess Leia buns in her hair. She's quite a piece of work, that one.

The day was so gorgeous, we decided to go to East Bay Park afterwards:

I think I got the best picture on Easter morning, though. I had been saying that I wish I had more pictures of Trey and Cathryn together. Well, I finally got one:

My only problem is that we never could find a nice place to pose without the sun being in their eyes. Squinting is the enemy! Oh, well. They still look gorgeous together, don't they? And I promise--the whole yellow thing was NOT my idea. We had already bought Cathryn's dress, and then Trey came home this weekend with his yellow shirt. It was all just serendipity.

The four of us met Richard and Cathy at church (they were in the balcony; I was in the choir), and then ate lunch at Ryan's with Richard's mom, Mildred. Upon arriving home, Cathryn and I read a chapter of Junie B. Jones, and them promptly took a two-hour nap.

It was so great having a family weekend where we all got along, and there was no tension (as there so often is between me and Cathryn) getting ready for church Sunday morning.

I could get used to having more like them.



The DAVIS Kids said...

One thing is for sure....Cathryn is a happy kid.

Josie Thames said...

Ain't it the truth? I wouldn't have it any other way, and I am so thankful everyday for her sunny disposition and "spicy" personality.